Dallas Cowboys: Jerry Jones Has Lost His Mind by Firing Rob Ryan

Danny WebsterAnalyst IIIJanuary 8, 2013

Jerry Jones strikes again. For once, he should strike and miss.
Jerry Jones strikes again. For once, he should strike and miss.Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Finally, a verdict can be made: Jerry Jones has lost his mind.

This shouldn't come as a surprise. As the man has gotten older, this has shown true. There was just never true evidence to support that claim.

That was, until early Tuesday night when Rob Ryan was fired as defensive coordinator of the Dallas Cowboys. Now everyone knows that the man is insane.

The hunt is on for Jones' mind.

Perhaps it wandered off into Jerry World. You know, that amazing stadium in Arlington, Texas that was supposed to be the biggest home-field advantage in the NFL.

Instead, it's turned into an amusement park. Perhaps that's where good ol' Jerry's mind is at: On top of that 80-yard scoreboard doing loops and 100-foot falls, just because it can.

Yes, changes were meant to be made. Jones said it himself.

But if anybody in the Cowboys organization really believes that the biggest reason why the Cowboys sunk into mediocrity for the second year in a row is because of Ryan's defense, I'd like to know why. 

What more can a defense do with names like Brady Poppinga, Charlie Peprah, Danny McCray, Sterling Moore and Eric Frampton?

Did upper management really believe that getting people off the street, who probably haven't played in a year or so, was going to immediately fill the needs of some very good players?

Ernie Sims and Poppinga are no Sean Lee and Bruce Carter. Let's just leave it at that.

After a year where the defense lost Lee, Carter, Orlando Scandrick, Jay Ratliff and Barry Church, Jones feels that fixing the problem to everything is getting rid of the defensive mind.

Give me a break. It's back to square one for the Cowboys.

Ryan may be right when he says he'll be "out of work for five minutes." I'd like to see some team say they're not interested.

Maybe a Ryan and Ryan reunion in New York? Who knows.

So who's next? Could it be Lovie Smith? A 4-3 defense in Dallas? Seems almost unheard of.

But could it work? If that's the case, Jerry better be careful about flushing money to Anthony Spencer to play as a 4-3 defensive end.

Maybe it could be Arizona defensive coordinator Ray Horton? Surprisingly enough, there hasn't been much noise on him becoming the Cardinals' new head coach.

Nevertheless, he better get someone into Valley Ranch that'll be a big hit. But it won't change the fact that, once again, good ol' Jerry has missed the mark yet again.

If he misses the mark again, it better be the last time.