Chicago Bears: 5 Reasons Bears Will Make the Playoffs

Laura Ludlum@@BrownEyedNJGirlContributor IIDecember 20, 2012

Chicago Bears: 5 Reasons Bears Will Make the Playoffs

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    The Chicago Bears will make the playoffs!

    This should be the mentality of every Bears fan since their team hasn't been eliminated from postseason contention yet.  Why would a fan think or express otherwise?  Why choose to support a franchise, but then only cheer for them when they are clear winners?

    I will never understand this.

    Across the world of social media, it seems that many Bears fans have given up on the Monsters of the Midway for the 2012 season. 

    Granted, things were a lot more fun when the Bears were 7-1, but when the playoffs are still obtainable how can a fan turn their back on their team when they are needed the most?

    The Bears have been plagued by injuries throughout the last couple of weeks with Brian Urlacher, Earl Bennett, Tim Jennings and most recently Michael Bush being forced to sit out.

    Their slew of losses included the Houston Texans who are tied for the best record in the league; The Minnesota Vikings, whose star running back, Adrian Peterson, has eight consecutive 100-yard games and is nicknamed "Purple Jesus" (which is fitting because I believe he can in fact run on water); And their most recent loss came at the hand of the NFC North champion Green Bay Packers.

    Of course these are not excuses either.  Every team is beatable.  But focusing on the past at this point is counterproductive.

    Bears fans need to focus on the future.

    I don't mean the future as in next season.  I mean the next two games.  The Bears are still alive, and their fans need to not give up now.

    Here's why I still firmly believe the Bears will make the playoffs.


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Don't Worry, Brian, You Won't Hear the Boos from Bears Fans

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    Recently, Brian Urlacher stated that the Chicago Bears fans have been booing very loudly, and that the Bears are the only team who even get booed while at home.

    It seems that he wasn't the only player who felt this way as Lance Briggs also spoke out on the matter.

    I personally don't believe in booing a team.  I'm not saying that I don't discuss their weaknesses or comment on what could have been done better, but the bottom line is when fans boo their own team it's an embarrassment.

    Either way, the Bears' next two games are at the opposing teams' stadiums, so Brian and Lance won't have to worry about hearing boos from the home crowd.

Easy Opponents

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    The Bears play two very beatable teams in the Arizona Cardinals, who are in last place in their division, and the Detroit Lions, who are tied for the worst record in the NFC.

    Of course these are not guaranteed victories, but the Bears are more than capable of beating both teams.

Minnesota's Tough Schedule

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    In order for the Bears to earn a playoff spot, they need to win both of their own games and have the Minnesota Vikings lose at least one of their two remaining games.

    While the Vikings exceeded everyone's expectations this season, and Adrian Peterson's comeback has been nothing short of a miracle, their two remaining opponents are amongst the best in the league.

    The Vikings play the Houston Texans this upcoming week and then finish the season out against the Green Bay Packers.

Brandon Marshall

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    Simply put, Brandon Marshall is a stud.  And Bears fans should be very thankful that this is one player who hasn't ended up on the IR.

    While his remark after last Sunday's loss to Green Bay allegedly upset some people, Marshall showed emotion as tears came to his eyes.  I couldn't be any more thrilled that someone still has that much passion for his game.

    I know that Marshall will not give anything less than 100 percent throughout the rest of this season.

Jay Cutler Can Do It

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    Jay Cutler can throw the football, as we saw when he connected with Brandon Marshall for a 56-yard gain to send that game against the Seahawks into overtime.  Okay, granted his interception in Sunday's game against Minnesota was costly.

    But Cutler is not the problem or the reason why the Bears are losing.

    Though it seems just about every NFL fan hates the man (for no good reason), I like him.  I truly believe that Jay can lead this team into the playoffs and even further.