Opening Night: Let's Try to Get It Changed!

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Opening Night: Let's Try to Get It Changed!
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Why, oh why, is Opening Night not a day game? I need your help.

I know the official reason is that the Padres don't want to fly cross-country to play a day game. Why do the Padres have to play the Mets the second week of the season? I never remember the schedule being like that.

Why couldn't Bud Selig use his powers of baseball to make the Padres play a day game? Why couldn't the Mets play Tuesday and risk the rain-out? It's not like they won't make us sit there for hours anyway. (See Yankees, Opening Day 2008.)

It's a new stadium, a new beginning, and it's already annoying. If you're interested enough to read my dopey blog, then I'm sure you have been to Shea in April for a night game: it's miserable. Even if it's 81 degrees at noon, it will be in the 40s at 8:30 p.m.

The Mets are selling "Opening Day" packages. Sunset for Monday. April 13, 2009 is scheduled for 7:32 p.m. Unless the Mets have a deal with God worked out, or they plan to get the game in under 22 minutes, I think they lie.

Maybe if enough people bitch we can pressure Selig into stepping in.  

Mets Blog, Amazin' Avenue...anyone from ESPN read my silly site? Mushnick? Neil Best? Carton? Help! Pass along, steal the idea...retweet this. Let's play at 1:05 p.m.!

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