Danny Amendola's Spike Injures Elderly Staff Member During Touchdown Celebration

Ben ChodosCorrespondent IIDecember 16, 2012

Danny Amendola’s touchdown celebration against the Minnesota Vikings was not flashy or inappropriate enough to make his wallet lighter, but he will be weighed down with guilt after his spike bounced directly into an elderly staff member’s face.

The Vikings were blowing out the St. Louis Rams at the time of Amendola’s six-yard touchdown reception. The score was 33-14 after Amendola reached the end zone and relieved some of his frustration.  

If not for the celebration, the play would have gone down as just another touchdown and never would have become a highlight. But Amendola ran out of the back of the end zone and enthusiastically spiked the ball, causing it to ricochet into the staff member.

The innocent bystander immediately clutched his face, while Amendola turned his back without noticing where the ball had gone once it left his hands. 

The touchdown sparked a resurgence from the Rams, and the team reached the end zone once again six minutes later. Bradford connected with Amendola again to convert a two-point conversion and close the Vikings lead to 11 points.

After the catch, Amendola had clearly realized what had happened during his earlier touchdown celebration and wished to apologize. 

But his attempt to make amends led to further comedy. He offered the ball to a security guard, but as Bleacher Report shows via Twitter, it was not the same man he hit earlier.

Danny Amendola chooses to hand the ball off this time. Smart choice. twitter.com/BleacherReport…

— Bleacher Report (@BleacherReport) December 16, 2012

There was clearly no attempt at any wrongdoing, and Amendola’s failed apology is completely excusable as he was in the midst of a game with playoff implications. Still, this is a situation that will be fodder for countless jokes going forward.