Johnny Manziel and Roger Clemens Bring Sports Swag to Country Concert

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterDecember 13, 2012

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Johnny Manziel and Roger Clemens seemed to have been at the same country music concert, only Johnny Football was brought on stage. 

Such is the life of the freshman Heisman winner who is also dating a model. Things just have a way of working out for him. 

Busted Coverage spotted this Houston Chronicle report that placed arguably the best college football player in the nation at a recent Houston country music concert. 

The Texas A&M redshirt freshman quarterback was welcomed onto the stage of the KILT Ten Man Jam by some of his buddies on the Texas country music circuit, as well as legendary singer Allison Krauss and others.

Kevin Fowler – a favorite among country music fans – introduced Johnny Football, who then sang with him and the other performers.

If you want to see a modicum of what life is like for Manziel, here is video footage of a concert hall of people singing along with the young man. 

This is, of course, small potatoes in the gran entree that is Johnny Football's life right now. He was recently on with David Letterman and is reportedly dating a young woman who happens to be something of a model, Sarah Savage

He wasn't the only sports star in attendance. 

Here is a picture from Busted Coverage with the former MLB ace hanging out at the same concert, albeit with far less hilarious wardrobe choices than he has had in the past. 

So just as a reminder, Johnny Football is still very much dominating this thing called life, and Roger Clemens is still a man people want to be photographed with. 

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