San Diego Chargers Turn to Groupon in Desperate Attempt to Sell Tickets

Jay BrownContributor IDecember 13, 2012

The San Diego Chargers facing what could be their third straight blackout and fourth in the last six games, are making what could be considered a desperate attempt to fill empty seats and in some cases empty sections of Qualcomm Stadium by partnering with the daily discount website, Groupon.

On Monday, I received an e-mail from something called Groupon Reserve. 

From what I can tell, Groupon Reserve looks to be a higher-end version of its namesake.

The website contains a simple black background with the Groupon Reserve logo. Underneath in white lettering is, "Unique event, spa, and fine dining experiences" followed with, "By invitation only".

I guess I should feel incredibly honored to have received an "invitation only" discount! 

According to the e-mail, the package that can be purchased for $68 includes one "end zone-level seating" ticket and a $20 voucher for food and drink at the concession stands.

Reports from both and confirm this as well.

What the fine print fails to tell you is that the "end zone-level seating" is located in Qualcomm Stadium's View Section (aka the nosebleed seats) in both the west and east end zones.

So, for $68 I get a ticket (in a crappy location) for Sunday's game against the Carolina Panthers at face value, (it would cost you an extra $8.25 in the Ticketmaster convenience charge) and the added bonus of $20 at the concession stands.

Last time I checked, $20 doesn't go far at the Qualcomm Stadium concession stands.

I would have rather taken a voucher for the $25 parking fee at the stadium instead of food and drink.

According to a quote from, Chargers' Director of Public Relations Bill Johnston said, “We saw this as another opportunity. Let’s just try it out and see how it goes and see what happens.” He continued, “This is the first time we’ve ever done this.

It will probably be the last time the Chargers ever do it as well.

In my opinion, this is a futile attempt to lure disgruntled and alienated Chargers fans (see Mr. Johnston's "Take a Chill Pill" post on the team's website) back to Qualcomm Stadium to watch a team that has severely underperformed this season.

You have until Friday should you want to cash in on this "deal". If you haven't received your "invitation only" e-mail, I will be more than happy to forward you mine.

Depending on how many of the "deals" have already been purchased, the Chargers will still need to sell roughly 13,000 tickets by 1:05p.m. Thursday in order to lift the impending blackout.