Green Bay Packers Mania Gets Real, Fans Bring Madness for New Reality-TV Show

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterDecember 10, 2012

The beautiful bedlam taking place in the stands at Green Bay Packers games will get the reality-TV treatment. 

Just when you thought they made pretty much everything into a reality-TV series, we get this Associated Press report (h/t Deadspin) that proves there is so much more out there that can be stuffed into the television schedule. 

Producers from Style Network plan to shoot a pilot about the Packers faithful and met with about 80 fans Thursday night at the Stadium View bar near the team's headquarters at Lambeau Field.

From there, you can pretty much imagine what kind of characters showed up at the bar to make sure they were on the list of candidates to star in a show dedicated to the football geeks in your life. 

The Green Bay NBC affiliate sent one of their reporters to take in all the majestic walking around and being weird the fans were doing. 

Brian Miller does his best work in this report, and we haven't even seen any of his previous reports. 

That there is the only reason you need to tune into this show whenever it goes to air. There is hardly a more loyal fanbase, or one more manic in their support. 

The AP report continues: 

Casting associate Kjerstin Johnson says they're looking for the most energetic, loudest and passionate fans they can find. The Green Bay Press-Gazette  says producers plan to film a pilot before the end of the year. 

They are looking for that rare breed that stands out from the rest of the cheeseheads already shouting. 

Place faith in this production team that has already delivered the goods in the form of Big Rich Texas, Jerseylicious and Tia & Tamera.

It seems like their idea of a pitch meeting is a board with a bunch of ideas taped to it, a blindfold and some darts. 

We aren't about to dismiss this series before production, we just look forward to the unintentional hilarity that will follow. 

Hooray for reality TV. 


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