Fantasy Football Week 14: Best Sleeper Picks at Each Position

Korey Beckett@@KoreyBeckettBRContributor IIIDecember 9, 2012

Fantasy Football Week 14: Best Sleeper Picks at Each Position

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    Whether it's the regular season or the playoffs, injuries are going to happen. With that said, you may be in the market for some sleepers to fill out your postseason roster. If you are, then I have a list of players you may want to grab before the Week 14 slate of games kicks off on Sunday.

    Now, these players likely won't be the top scorers at their position and in no way should you bench an elite player for one of them, but if you have an injury or an inconsistent player, you may want to use the services of one of these players.

    It's crunch time so you don't want to get too fancy with your roster, but there are some players that are likely to blow up this week and all you have to do is click the "Next" button (or the right arrow on your keyboard) to see who they are.

Quarterback: Brandon Weeden

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    Brandon Weeden may be ranked No. 23 out of fantasy quarterbacks, but he has been able to exploit bad defenses for solid fantasy games.

    This week, Weeden takes on one of those bad defenses in the form of Kansas City.

    The Browns are at home this week and coming off two straight wins, which will give more confidence to the veteran-aged rookie. You can pencil him in for 15 fantasy points as he has hovered around that number in almost all of his games.

    He had a terrible debut but has been a decent fantasy play since then. Since Week 4, Weeden has had double-digit performances in all but three of his games. Two of those were against Baltimore and Pittsburgh, so you can't really knock him for that.

    Don't bench him for fellow rookie Robert Griffin III, but if you normally have a quarterback like Sam Bradford or Phillip Rivers as your starter (and how did you make the playoffs if you do?), Weeden would be a better start.

Running Back: Vick Ballard

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    As the beneficiary of Donald Brown's injury, Vick Ballard should see almost the entire workload for the Colts this week against Tennessee.

    The Titans have allowed double-digit points to opposing running backs in all but one game, and that was against the inconsistent disaster the Dolphins call a running back corps.

    Expect Ballard to get 15-to-20 carries this week. He should be good for around 80-to-90 yards and if he can find the end zone, it will make for a solid fantasy day.

    He had 12 fantasy points last week against Detroit which is impressive due to the fact that he only had nine carries and the Colts were playing from behind for much of the game.

    I would play him over usual starters Ryan Mathews and Darren Sproles as Ballard will have a bigger workload than either and should be much more productive with his opportunities.

Wide Receiver: Anquan Boldin

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    There once was a time when calling Anquan Boldin a "sleeper" would be laughable, but at No. 38 out of all fantasy wide receivers, it's sadly become a reality.

    This week, the Ravens take on the Redskins who have had a nearly impossible time covering wide receivers this season.

    Washington is No. 31 when it comes to the ability to shut down opposing WRs, and this week shouldn't be an exception.

    Pair that with the fact that Boldin is coming off of his best fantasy performance of the season (14 points), and he should be able to string together a 12-to-15 point day for his owners.

    Some other wide receivers I would play Boldin in front of this week are Larry Fitzgerald, Malcom Floyd and Miles Austin.

    It's a shame, all four used to be fantasy studs in years past. 

Tight End: Martellus Bennett

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    After the first three weeks of the season, it looked like Bennett might be a top five tight end in fantasy football with three straight double-digit performances.

    Since then, it has been tough sledding for the Giant. He has had only one double-digit performance since Week 3 wrapped up and it came last week at Washington. Overall, he has slipped down to No. 12 in the fantasy tight end ranks.

    He has played well though when New York matches up with an opponent that has trouble stopping tight ends, and this week he takes on one of those teams in the form of the New Orleans Saints.

    The Saints rank No. 26 against tight ends in fantasy and Bennett should be good for seven or eight points if he doesn't get into the end zone.

    I would put him in the top five this week and he should be starting in every fantasy league (if you use tight ends).

Defense: Steelers

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    Wait, the Steelers?

    That's right, at No. 22 in the fantasy ranks, Pittsburgh certainly qualifies as a sleeper pick.

    Chances are the Steelers were one of the first five defenses taken in your league's draft (heck, I took them).

    They have struggled to put up the same fantasy numbers this year as they have in the past, but this week they should be a solid play.

    The Steelers take on San Diego this week, and the only defense that hasn't been able to get double digits on the Chargers since Week 9 is Kansas City.

    When I noticed that they were still on the free agency list in my league, I immediately added them to my starting lineup and I would suggest you do the same thing.