Yankees-Phillies: Grading Today's Failing Bullpen

Sean SerritellaCorrespondent IMarch 23, 2009

FORT MYERS, FL - MARCH 13: Outfielder Xavier Nady #22 of the New York Yankees bats against the Boston Red Sox March 13, 2009 at City of Palms Park in Fort Myers, Florida.  (Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)

The New York Yankees were playing the 2008 World Series champs, but the team's pitching did not step their game up. The Yankees lost to the Philadelphia Phillies by a score of 8-3.


Here come my individual player performance grades:


Xavier Nady: B+

He went 1-for-2 with with an RBI. It looks as though Nady might win the right field position, according to Joe Girardi; that's great news for me, because I have Nady on one of my baseball fantasy teams.

Crap, I have another fantasy draft tonight and I don't feel like doing it. I have a headache.


Mark Teixeira: B

He got a hit and scored a run. Nothing shabby but nothing fancy about his line.

Jorge Posada: C+

I will take anything Posada will give when it comes to stats. He got on base once and scored a run. I look at him as a luxury because of all the big bats the Yankees have, especially when Alex Rodriguez comes back.


Chien-Ming Wang: C-

He was good at the start but ended up letting in three earned runs in five innings.


Brian Bruney: F

He's having a very bad spring. He gave up two earned runs in one inning and now has a 7.56 ERA. Yankee fans won't stand for this nonsense once the regular season starts.


Dan Giese: F

Another guy struggling in the preseason. He allowed three earned runs in one inning. Maybe he's meant to be a journeyman after all.


I'd also like to note that I for one would like to hear Girardi say he's giving the spot to Gardner in center field.


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