Tampa Bay Buccaneers Better Beware of Floundering Philadelphia Eagles

Tom EdringtonSenior Writer IDecember 7, 2012

Greg Schiano wants to end the two-game "tailspin."
Greg Schiano wants to end the two-game "tailspin."Adam Bettcher/Getty Images

The Philadelphia Eagles stink.

There's no two ways around that one. It's the truth, a fact and this mangled gaggle of "Gang Green" looks every bit like the Buccaneers of last season with this eight-game losing streak which has their talons sinking in the mire of despair.

This game on Sunday at Raymond James was supposed to be a tough one, Philly was supposed to contend for the NFC East and so on and so forth—then football happened.

Andy Reid could be a goner. He's firing an assistant coach every week, or so it seems, and you have to wonder if someone else on that staff will get the axe on Monday.

Trap game? Reason for concern? 

"Danger? No. There has been a spike in intensity," Buccaneer coach Greg Schiano said on Thursday.

This is good to know and good to hear. This game is a must-win for the Bucs to keep their dim-lit playoff hopes flickering. If nothing else, the Bucs have done what they are supposed to do this season and that's beat the "lesser" teams on their schedule. They haven't beat a team with a winning record, and they have just one loss to a team with a losing record, that being New Orleans.

After going up against Matt Ryan and Peyton Manning the last two weeks, the Bucs are in their own losing streak, even though it's only two games. "We're in a tailspin," Schiano said matter-of-factly on Thursday when asked about the tailspin that has the Eagles coming in with a 3-9 record.

The Buccaneer defense should have a much easier task in front of a sellout crowd Sunday. Eagles rookie Nick Foles is a long way from future Hall of Famer Manning and Ryan, even though he's pushing for that "elite" status.

"It's time for the Buccaneer defense to get healthy and dominate from start to finish," said former Buc and Indianapolis Colt "Booger" McFarland, who owns two Super Bowl rings and remembers how the Buccaneer defenses under Monte Kiffin used to brutalize rookie quarterbacks.

The Buccaneers will honor their Super Bowl team Sunday, as this is the 10th anniversary of that elite squad. While most will be watching the game, one holdover remains and will be on the field, and that's Ronde Barber.

McFarland was spot on.

This Buc defense needs to be good on Sunday. This defense needs to find some mojo if the Bucs want to keep those fading playoff hopes from going on life support.

The Eagles have nothing going for them, but the Bucs do, and that scenario is not what most thought it would be three months ago.

That's football.