49ers' Colin Kaepernick Has Gigantic Tortoise and Twitter-Happy Father

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49ers' Colin Kaepernick Has Gigantic Tortoise and Twitter-Happy Father
Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Colin Kaepernick doesn't merely have a powerful arm and the trust of Jim Harbaugh—he also has a tortoise and a father who loves him. 

This would be the moment where you lend a collective "awww" to the mix. 

If not, save it. There will be plenty of time to proclaim how adorable things are for Kaepernick, his father and that tortoise we just told you about. 

BuzzFeed reports on some beautifully bizarre happenings over on Twitter that shows a proud papa enjoying his son's rise to prominence in the league. 

The report does well to introduce us to Rick Kaepernick, Colin's father, who is vice president of operations for Hilmar Cheese Company. 

Next we get a great big look at Sammy, the 49ers quarterback's tortoise. A pet that Rick features in some of his many tweets to and about his son, who is taking the NFL nation by storm. 

The post is filled with hilarity, and we take some of the best that had us chuckling over a father whose pride in his son is spilling over into social media circles. 

Here is Sammy in one of pop's tweets.


Colin Kaepernick must like turtles

Here is Kaepernick's uncle, affectionately referred to as forklift, chiming in on all the fun.


Rick was then gracious enough to exchange pleasantries with a fan about Sammy and his future home away from home. 

Photo Credit: Rick Kaepernick Twitter
If that weren't enough down-home goodness, Rick tried to tweet at someone and had a bit of difficulty doing so. 

Photo Credit: BuzzFeed
Photo Credit: Meme Generator
He even makes awesome dad jokes about silly shirts his son posts to Instagram. After Colin posted this picture.

Photo Credit: Colin Kaepernick Instagram
Dear ol' dad posted this.


It seems like Colin comes from great people, a family that takes great pride in his accomplishments and, thankfully, have no qualms about sharing in his accomplishments. 

He will even go to great lengths to bring the family pet in for some interesting portraits.

Rick is just a regular football dad whose son happens to play for the San Francisco 49ers. If you need me, I will be keeping up with the Kaepernicks

Hit me up on Twitter for more "Aww Shucks" moments. 

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