Nick Lachey's Trash Talking Gets Pop Star Booted from Bengals vs. Chargers Game

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Nick Lachey's Trash Talking Gets Pop Star Booted from Bengals vs. Chargers Game
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The San Diego Chargers are in no mood for your shenanigans, Nick Lachey

It seems a bout of trash talking got one pop star booted from a stadium filled with fans who are pretty frustrated at the moment. 

The Chargers lost yet another game on Sunday, dropping their fourth game in a row. So you could say they were already in a crabby mood without the ranting of the former Mr. Jessica Simpson. 

The 98 Degrees singer tweeted that his football exploits this weekend got him kicked out of the Chargers game. 

He first tweeted from what looks to be great seats at Qualcomm:


Photo Credit: Nick Lachey

Shortly after, he was out of there. Here is his next tweet:


Then he rubs salt into the Chargers' gaping wounds with this barb:


A Fox News report that states there is no word on exactly what Lachey did or said to get him thrown out of the game. 

It's clear the 39-year old, who was born in Cincinnati, ruffled a great deal of feathers as the Chargers marched to a lackluster 4-8 on the season. 

He states his case in the following tweet, posted on Monday:


He even managed to take a picture with a younger Chargers fan during the proceedings:


So it seems that Lachey and Chargers fans don't mix, especially when you stir the concoction with yet another season spiraling out of control for San Diego. 

The only thing we know for sure about this story is that Lachey can talk a good game—so much so that he is kindly asked to leave. 

Hit me up on Twitter for more trash talk. 

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