Nick Foles: Fantasy Expectations for Eagles' Rookie QB vs. Redskins

Justin WeltonAnalyst IINovember 18, 2012

PHILADELPHIA, PA - NOVEMBER 11: Quarterback Nick Foles #9 of the Philadelphia Eagles looks to pass against the Dallas Cowboys at Lincoln Financial Field on November 11, 2012 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Rich Schultz /Getty Images)
Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Nick Foles couldn't be making his NFL starting debut against a better opponent. I mean that in the best way possible for Foles.

The Philadelphia Eagles' quarterback goes up against a lousy Washington Redskins defense on Sunday, and he really couldn't perform much worse than Michael Vick has thus far. 

It's the perfect situation to be in. 

For those fantasy owners who picked up Foles this week, or if he's still available, here are some fantasy expectations for the rookie quarterback.  


300 yards passing

Washington allows 301.7 yards passing per game, a number that is 30th in the NFL. They have been gashed all season long and it's been their biggest Achilles Heel on defense. 

Going up against a rookie quarterback should mean good news for the Redskins, but it's not. Foles has the ability to survey the field with his 6'6" size, and if he gets enough time, he can do major damage to NFL defenses. 

But there lies the biggest question: Will he get that time to survey the defense?

Michael Vick wasn't so lucky with the offensive line of the Eagles, but Foles will be in one spot. Compared to Vick, Foles is much easier to block for because you know his style and you know he will certainly be in the pocket.

Foles gets the appropriate time and delivers with a 300-yard game.  


Two TDs

Washington has allowed 20 touchdowns in nine games this season—a little more than two touchdowns per contest. Foles will achieve that number on Sunday.

Again, it comes down to pocket protection. Foles can deliver a nice football with time and a clean pocket. Philadelphia's offensive line needs to have a good day today for Foles to have fantasy success.

However, the Eagles are going to be protecting a quarterback who they know will be in the pocket, and Washington's defense has only recorded 14 sacks all season long.

Advantage Foles. 


With the Redskins forcing only five interceptions on the season, there is a chance Foles goes unscathed in the interception department. 

However, despite Washington having a lousy defense following their injuries, we must remember that Foles is a rookie quarterback starting in his first NFL game. I'm sure he will have some balls thrown in directions and areas where the average fan sees nothing there.

It happens. Rookies do that.

So while the Redskins don't force many turnovers, and there is a chance he may go unscathed, I see one early Christmas present given on Sunday.  


Fantasy Prediction

320 yards, two TDs, INT.