Embarrassing Trash-Talking on Tebow: My Opinion and What the Jets Should Now Do

Sean McDermottContributor IIINovember 15, 2012

Tim Tebow (15) stands amongst his offensive line.
Tim Tebow (15) stands amongst his offensive line.Kevin Casey/Getty Images

Teamwork is "The cooperative or coordinated effort on the part of a group of persons acting as a team or in the interests of a common cause," via dictionary.com. This is clearly something the New York Jets lack, after  "anonymous" players said terrible things about Tim Tebow's athletic ability as a quarterback. 

The New York Daily News on Wednesday reported that more than a dozen players and members of the New York Jets organization quoted on how there is no chance that Tebow will overtake Mark Sanchez's starting job. Here are some quotes on Tebow.

"He's terrible."

"We don't look at him as a quarterback. He's the wildcat guy." 

"Hell no! You got to keep defenses honest. You just can't line up in the wildcat all the time. That won't work." 


What happened to the New York Jets? This team was the prima donna of the NFL. In 2011, the Jets had a stint at the HBO Hard Knocks series, and this season, ESPN covered the Jets throughout their entire training camp. How could this team be sitting at 3-6, losing three straight and looking like a long shot to make the playoffs? Instead of pointing fingers at Sanchez, injuries and other players, let's look at the guy calling the shots.

Rex Ryan is in his fourth season as the Jets head coach and has compiled a regular-season record of 31-26 with a 4-2 playoff record, including two appearances in the AFC Championship game (2009 and 2010). A pretty impressive resume for the young head coach, but with this season's results I believe Ryan should get fired due to his inability to control his locker room.

Harsh? Maybe, but to have numerous players trash-talk their own teammate in print is a big no-no. You don't do that. As a teammate, you're suppose to be behind every single player on the team. You are all working towards the same goal, to get the chance to hold the Lombardi Trophy and receive a Super Bowl ring.

This is not the first time Ryan failed to keep his team in line. During the taping of Hard Knocks, there was a scene where players we're eating cheeseburgers and taking the upcoming scrimmage as a joke. In Ryan's defense, he did address both situations (Cheeseburger and Tebow trash talk) but the Jets are spiraling out of control. If Ryan can't get a handle on his players, someone else needs to be brought in to do so.

The Jets' locker room seems to be split for whom they want as starting quarterback kind of like fans of Twilight. You have to be either Team Jacob (Werewolf) or Team Edward (Vampire). Since Ryan has been reluctant to make a switch, I believe he is mishandling the situation. What do the Jets have to lose? They sit at fourth place in the AFC East at 3-6; they clearly have no control among the players and a devastated fanbase. The Jets need change and Tebow should start.

Mark Sanchez has thrown for 1,860 yards, 10 touchdowns and nine interceptions in nine games. He has completed only 52.0 percent of his passes for a QB rating of 70.4. One thing separates Sanchez and Tebow, and that is Tebow is a proven winner.

Now you can argue that Sanchez has taken the Jets to two AFC Championships, but Tebow has more credibility. He had one of the greatest college football careers, reeling in two National Championships and a Sugar Bowl Trophy.

Last season, Tebow took over the starting job for the Broncos after Kyle Orton led Denver to a 1-4 record. Tebow brought a spark back into the Mile High City as he led the Broncos to a 7-4 record and a playoff win against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Tebow may not be the normal standard quarterback that many NFL teams/fans want, but he is a proven winner. In my books, I'd rather have a winning quarterback rather than a struggling NFL standard quarterback.

There are two things to take out of this article. First, Rex Ryan and Jets Owner/Chairman/CEO Woody Johnson need to address the quarterback situation and the Jets locker room as soon as possible. They need to get the Jets back to a team. These comments we're despicable and embarrassing to the entire organization. If another problem arises and/or the locker room remains split between Team Sanchez and Team Tebow, Rex Ryan deserves to get fired.

Second, start Tebow. It's clear that Sanchez couldn't get wins. At least give Tebow a test run for a couple of games. Tebow showed huge leadership skills when reporters asked about what he thought of the whole trash-talking ordeal. Give the kid a chance to prove his teammates wrong and start getting victories for the Jets.

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