Chiefs' Eric Berry Has a Very Real Fear of Horses, Possibly Ponies Too

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterNovember 13, 2012

Eric Berry will never ride a horse-drawn carriage or even pet a pony. Heck, you won't even see this guy horsing around. 

That's because the Kansas City Chiefs' safety has a very real fear of horses. 

UPDATE: Wednesday, September 25, 3:32 p.m. ET by Gabe Zaldivar

The original video has been taken down throughout YouTube, so we posted this one featuring Berry's horse phobia. 

End of Update---

Hat tip to Kissing Suzy Kolber (via Deadspin) who spotted this video originally aired by Inside the NFL last week. 

It features the Kansas City Chiefs in a game against the Oakland Raiders. The best part comes at the beginning when Berry goes out of his way to stay clear of a horse that has just run onto the field. 

Apparently, the man suffers from a bad case of equinophobia. 

We have seen similar situations before. When talkshow host Maury Povich isn't saving the world one paternity test at a time, he is unveiling some rather strange phobias, like this video of a young woman who's afraid of cotton

It would be easy to make fun of a big, bad NFL player who is afraid of such a graceful animal. Then again, we all have our irrational fears. 

For me, it's a fear of spiders, heights and anyone named Van Gundy. I'm not sure what triggered it, but any mention or sight of the Van Gundy brothers sends me into a panic attack. 

Don't worry, Mr. Berry—we all have our little things. It's just that yours is a little funnier than others.