Ranking Teams Who Should Take a Chance on Acquiring Michael Vick

Zach Kruse@@zachkruse2Senior Analyst INovember 10, 2012

Ranking Teams Who Should Take a Chance on Acquiring Michael Vick

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    The writing is on the wall for 2012 to be the final season for quarterback Michael Vick in Philadelphia. 

    Despite signing a six-year, $100 million deal with the Eagles in the summer of 2011, Vick reportedly could be released when this season comes to a close, especially if the Eagles are on the outside of the playoffs looking in come January. 

    ESPN's Adam Schefter reported in October that unless the Eagles make the postseason in 2012, this season is likely Vick's last in Philadelphia. The Eagles have lost four straight games and are currently 3-5.

    Pro Football Talk later built on that story, reporting that the Eagles have the ability to cut Vick and owe him nothing against the 2013 cap. Three days after the Super Bowl, $3 million of Vick's 2013 salary becomes guaranteed. 

    The money, performance and record add up to the distinct possibility that Vick will be a free agent come February. 

    If that reality does come, here's a few teams that should take a chance on landing the quarterback this offseason. 

4. Cleveland Browns

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    Owner Jimmy Haslam is committed to making Cleveland a winner once again, and he brought former Eagles president Joe Banner along with him to help get it done. Change is coming, and not even first-round quarterback Brandon Weeden is immune to potential replacement. 

    Banner has obvious history with Vick, and if the team doesn't feel completely comfortable with Weeden and/or the crop of 2013 college quarterbacks, Vick could be one option. 

    However, it's hard to imagine Vick in a Browns jersey, or playing inside the Doghouse for eight games a season.

3. Arizona Cardinals

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    After dealing for Kevin Kolb, the last thing the Cardinals probably want is a former Philadelphia quarterback who is injury prone. 

    But if the Cardinals decide against keeping Kolb around past 2012, Vick could be a cheap one- or two-year option. And if the Cardinals went with Vick for a season or two, Arizona could slowly re-build the offensive line through the draft, while also getting a developmental guy to put behind Vick at quarterback. 

    It's not perfect, and who knows if Vick would ever consider signing up to play behind that current offensive line, but it's certainly something to chew on. 

2. Buffalo Bills

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    If head coach Chan Gailey stays in Buffalo past 2012, and expensive quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick again fails to lead Buffalo to the postseason, Vick makes some sense with the Bills.

    The match between Gailey—once a constructor of offenses for Kordell Stewart—and Vick has been made in the past, and the two sides once shared an interest in joining forces prior to Vick landing in Philadelphia. 

1. Jacksonville Jaguars

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    The Jaguars are likely one team that will be looking at a change of direction at the quarterback position after this season. Blaine Gabbert hasn't made the necessary progressions in his second year, and Chad Henne isn't a long-term starting option. 

    While Jacksonville should be in the market for a first-round quarterback, Vick could be an ideal stop-gap solution. He'd not only help sell tickets, but his arrival would also make the Jaguars more competitive at quarterback in the short term. And like the other teams on this list, Jacksonville can then get another developmental quarterback to fill in the gap behind Vick.

    Again, it's not perfect, but no situation with Vick leaving Philadelphia will be. But he will be playing football somewhere in 2012, and Jacksonville might be the best overall fit.