Kudos to Bleacher Report's Editors, Community Leaders, and GMs

Mike KentSenior Writer IMarch 15, 2009

If you are reading this article then you have who to thank? If you have ever read a article on this site then you have who to thank? If this site has ever made you feel good then you have who to thank?

Of course, the first thanks always goes the same way, thank you God.

Thank you for my life, my family, friends, food, fun and all your great world.

And also thank you for Bleacher Report.

God always sends someone to do his good in the world and here comes the purpose of this article...

I want to thank all the people that lead this site and make it possible for us to read and write what we feel.

Thanks to all the GMs and Community Leaders who have made all this possible.

Thanks to Zander Freund, Dave Finocchio, Bryan Goldberg, and Dave Nemetz for creating this site back in 2005. 

These guys spent many days and nights working on this site, knowing that there are many fans looking for a way to show the world what they think.

Bleacher Report is only three years old!

Every day it gets over:

  • 2,000 articles written
  • 200,000 reads

Many more milestones that this site has and does are almost as amazing as the New York Mets.

Last but not least, the editors.

The editors on this site are amazing.

Every article written on this site gets edited. Most of the articles I write get edited two or three times. People here care about each other.

They don't get from it any more than a new fan and a thanks.

A last thanks to all the people that put their time and effort in to the site by writing articles, editing them, commenting on them, leaving feedback, leading communities, and all the rest...it's much appreciated.