NFL Fantasy Football Week 9: Ranking QBs, RBs and WRs from Top to Bottom

Matt SchreiberAnalyst IIINovember 3, 2012

NFL Fantasy Football Week 9: Ranking QBs, RBs and WRs from Top to Bottom

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    Due to the fact that the majority of us do not have control over the NFL, we all turn to fantasy football. It gives us some sense of control, and allows us to root for players when our teams are underachieving to our limitless standards.

    Among other things, we do not have control over bye weeks and injuries. That's where you, as a fantasy team owner, need to dig deep into your arsenal and pick up the right players to get you through tough times.

    Ranking quarterback's, running back's, and wide receiver's from top to bottom may also guide you in the right direction. Let's take a look. Shall we?

Week 9 Quarterbacks

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    If there is a better time than this week for Michael Vick to get back to his old fantasy form, feel free to share your opinions with me. The Saints defense has been historically awful. Over the last four contests, they have given up an average of 336 passing yards, three passing touchdowns and 30 fantasy points to opposing quarterbacks. Look for Number 7 to blow up the stat sheet Monday night in New Orleans.

    Cam Newton is another guy who needs to start earning the respect of his fantasy owners. Things are looking up considering he is going up against a Redskins defense with more holes than Swiss cheese.

    If you have Tom Brady, obviously you need to choose someone to replace him for the week. Consider Andy Dalton. The Bengals need a win right now as desperately as anyone. The Cowboys have defeated the last three teams they have faced with a 7-0 record. If history is going to repeat itself, expect Tony Romo to get you a solid 20 to 30 fantasy points in Atlanta. 

    Among the players to avoid this week are Ryan Fitzpatrick, Andrew Luck, Jay Cutler and Brandon Weeden. The Browns are going up against Baltimore, who, might I add, is coming off of a bye week. No Ray Lewis, no Ladarius Webb, no problem. They are going to make life very difficult for the 29-year old Rookie.



    Player Position Team Opponent
    1 D. Brees  QB NO PHI
    2 R. Griffin III  QB WAS CAR
    3 P. Manning  QB DEN @ CIN
    4 M. Vick  QB PHI @ NO
    5 A. Rodgers  QB GB ARZ
    6 M. Ryan  QB ATL DAL
    7 E. Manning  QB NYG PIT
    8 M. Stafford  QB DET @ JAC
    9 C. Newton  QB CAR @ WAS
    10 B. Roethlisberger  QB PIT @ NYG
    11 P. Rivers  QB SD KC
    12 T. Romo  QB DAL @ ATL
    13 A. Dalton  QB CIN DEN
    14 J. Cutler  QB CHI @ TEN
    15 J. Freeman  QB TB @ OAK
    16 M. Schaub  QB HOU BUF
    17 A. Luck  QB IND MIA
    18 C. Palmer  QB OAK TB
    19 J. Flacco  QB BAL @ CLE
    20 R. Fitzpatrick  QB BUF @ HOU
    21 R. Tannehill  QB MIA @ IND
    22 B. Weeden  QB CLE BAL
    23 M. Hasselbeck  QB TEN CHI
    24 R. Wilson  QB SEA MIN
    25 B. Gabbert  QB JAC DET
    26 C. Ponder  QB MIN @ SEA
    27 M. Cassel  QB KC @ SD
    28 J. Skelton  QB ARZ @ GB

Week 9 Running Backs

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    Fantasy owners have had to really hold back their temperament when it comes to the role LeSean McCoy has had in the Eagles' scheme this season. Andy Reid may have said Michael Vick's job is safe, but if his team doesn't make the playoffs this season, he could very well be looking for new employment.

    Getting McCoy involved is a great starting point for him. Expect Shady to get plenty of touches this week. The formula is simple: hand the ball off to him and you will control the tempo of the ball game.

    Ravens defensive players have said Trent Richardson is the hardest back in the league to tackle. Now this is either a publicity stunt or some weird attempt at reverse psychology. Either way, the rookie from Alabama is a no-brainer to start in all formats this week against a Ravens run defense that has been exploited this year. 

    If I had posted this before Thursday night, which I should have, I would have suggested (just like I did on my own website) to bench Jamaal Charles. Since I am a bit too late on that, I will try to redeem myself by telling you to try and avoid starting Ahmad Bradshaw this week. The Steelers run defense has been great, and in a close game such as their matchup with the Giants should pan out to be, you will see the Giants rely more on Eli's arm to win the ball game. 

    As far as sleepers go, I love Jonathan Stewart and Mikel Leshoure.


    Rank Player Position Team Opponent
    1 L. McCoy  RB PHI @ NO
    2 R. Rice  RB BAL @ CLE
    3 A. Foster  RB HOU BUF
    4 T. Richardson  RB CLE BAL
    5 A. Peterson  RB MIN @ SEA
    6 R. Mathews  RB SD KC
    7 M. Lynch  RB SEA MIN
    8 M. Forte  RB CHI @ TEN
    9 A. Morris  RB WAS CAR
    10 W. McGahee  RB DEN @ CIN
    11 J. Charles  RB KC @ SD
    12 R. Bush  RB MIA @ IND
    13 D. Martin  RB TB @ OAK
    14 D. McFadden  RB OAK TB
    15 A. Bradshaw  RB NYG PIT
    16 C. Johnson  RB TEN CHI
    17 J. Stewart  RB CAR @ WAS
    18 M. Turner  RB ATL DAL
    19 R. Jennings  RB JAC DET
    20 F. Jones  RB DAL @ ATL
    21 C. Spiller  RB BUF @ HOU
    22 D. Sproles  RB NO PHI
    23 J. Dwyer  RB PIT @ NYG
    24 F. Jackson  RB BUF @ HOU
    25 B. Green-Ellis  RB CIN DEN
    26 A. Green  RB GB ARZ
    27 P. Thomas  RB NO PHI
    28 M. Leshoure  RB DET @ JAC
    29 D. Brown  RB IND MIA
    30 L. Stephens-Howling  RB ARZ @ GB
    31 M. Bush  RB CHI @ TEN
    32 J. Bell  RB DET @ JAC
    33 P. Tanner  RB DAL @ ATL
    34 P. Hillis  RB KC @ SD
    35 J. Rodgers  RB ATL DAL
    36 D. Thomas  RB MIA @ IND
    37 V. Ballard  RB IND MIA
    38 M. Tolbert  RB CAR @ WAS
    39 D. Williams  RB CAR @ WAS
    40 R. Hillman  RB DEN @ CIN
    41 A. Brown  RB NYG PIT
    42 R. Brown  RB SD KC
    43 E. Royster  RB WAS CAR
    44 J. Starks  RB GB ARZ
    45 W. Powell  RB ARZ @ GB
    46 M. Ingram  RB NO PHI
    47 I. Redman  RB PIT @ NYG
    48 J. Forsett  RB HOU BUF
    49 M. Goodson  RB OAK TB
    50 R. Turbin  RB SEA MIN
    51 L. Blount  RB TB @ OAK
    52 B. Pierce  RB BAL @ CLE
    53 R. Mendenhall  RB PIT @ NYG
    54 T. Gerhart  RB MIN @ SEA
    55 B. Brown  RB PHI @ NO
    56 D. Wilson  RB NYG PIT
    57 C. Rainey  RB PIT @ NYG
    58 J. Harper  RB TEN CHI

Week 9 Wide Receivers

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    There are few superstitions I believe in, and one of them is the Madden Curse. How is it that the best receiver in the league hasn't caught a pass from his starting quarterback this season? Beats me, but I am going to make a bold prediction for this week. Calvin Johnson will have more yards receiving than Blaine Gabbert will have throwing the ball. 

    As mentioned previously, the Bengals are in desperate need of a win. In order to do that, they are going to need to heavily target A.J. Green.

    Carolina's Steve Smith is poised for a breakout game against the vaunted Redskins secondary. 

    You could also expect to see big games from both DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin. Their quarterback is a competitor, despite all of the criticism. He will find a way to get these guys involved and play a big role in their Monday night game against the Saints.

    I would avoid Stevie Johnson as he will be seeing Jonathan Joseph in his sleep Sunday night.

    As much as I believe Gabbert is going to have an awful game, I love Cecil Shorts in PPR leagues. 

    With Jordy Nelson (game-time decision) hampered by a hamstring injury, I would avoid starting him Sunday even if he does wind up playing. Hence why he is towards the middle of the pack in my rankings below. Although, I have confidence Aaron Rodgers will find no issue getting Randall Cobb and James Jones to fill his shoes with big plays at home against the Cardinals. 


    Rank Player Position Team Opponent
    1 C. Johnson  WR DET @ JAC
    2 D. Thomas  WR DEN @ CIN
    3 A. Green  WR CIN DEN
    4 B. Marshall  WR CHI @ TEN
    5 J. Jones  WR ATL DAL
    6 P. Harvin  WR MIN @ SEA
    7 V. Jackson  WR TB @ OAK
    8 V. Cruz  WR NYG PIT
    9 R. Wayne  WR IND MIA
    10 E. Decker  WR DEN @ CIN
    11 R. White  WR ATL DAL
    12 S. Smith  WR CAR @ WAS
    13 M. Wallace  WR PIT @ NYG
    14 R. Cobb  WR GB ARZ
    15 A. Johnson  WR HOU BUF
    16 L. Fitzgerald  WR ARZ @ GB
    17 J. Maclin  WR PHI @ NO
    18 M. Colston  WR NO PHI
    19 D. Moore  WR OAK TB
    20 D. Jackson  WR PHI @ NO
    21 D. Bryant  WR DAL @ ATL
    22 M. Austin  WR DAL @ ATL
    23 J. Jones  WR GB ARZ
    24 D. Bowe  WR KC @ SD
    25 A. Brown  WR PIT @ NYG
    26 H. Nicks  WR NYG PIT
    27 T. Smith  WR BAL @ CLE
    28 T. Young  WR DET @ JAC
    29 M. Floyd  WR SD KC
    30 L. Moore  WR NO PHI
    31 J. Nelson  WR GB ARZ
    32 S. Johnson  WR BUF @ HOU
    33 K. Britt  WR TEN CHI
    34 S. Rice  WR SEA MIN
    35 M. Williams  WR TB @ OAK
    36 C. Shorts  WR JAC DET
    37 B. Hartline  WR MIA @ IND
    38 J. Gordon  WR CLE BAL
    39 D. Heyward-Bey  WR OAK TB
    40 A. Boldin  WR BAL @ CLE
    41 N. Washington  WR TEN CHI
    42 A. Roberts  WR ARZ @ GB
    43 D. Avery  WR IND MIA
    44 K. Wright  WR TEN CHI
    45 R. Broyles  WR DET @ JAC
    46 G. Little  WR CLE BAL
    47 A. Hawkins  WR CIN DEN
    48 L. Hankerson  WR WAS CAR
    49 S. Moss  WR WAS CAR
    50 D. Bess  WR MIA @ IND
    51 J. Blackmon  WR JAC DET
    52 D. Hixon  WR NYG PIT
    53 R. Meachem  WR SD KC
    54 J. Baldwin  WR KC @ SD
    55 D. Jones  WR BUF @ HOU
    56 E. Bennett  WR CHI @ TEN
    57 B. Stokley  WR DEN @ CIN
    58 J. Morgan  WR WAS CAR
    59 G. Tate  WR SEA MIN
    60 J. Simpson  WR MIN @ SEA
    61 B. LaFell  WR CAR @ WAS