Hey K-Rod: To Quote Batman "You're Gonna Love Me!"

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Hey K-Rod: To Quote Batman
To quote Batman, "You're gonna love me."
I don't specifically mean The Mets Police (although we can be annoying) I mean anything and everything that covers the New York Mets from a dopey blog like this to WFAN, ESPN & the Tabloids.

Less impressive was his postgame performance. In a setting that is all about growing the game's popularity globally, which presumably means the players understand their roles as ambassadors, Rodriguez told the Venezuelan media representative that he would not speak to reporters, the same posture he has maintained since Venezuela began playing exhibitions in Florida last week. English-language media, media from his own country, Japanese media – K-Rod was determined to pitch a shutout.


And why didn't he want to talk?


"Well, the way the Venezuelan team was criticized, I don't like that," he said. "We're here for one target, trying to make the Venezuelan name, put it the highest on the face of the earth. Unfortunately, our people are not doing that."


"Instead of helping us, building us, they're trying to stick it to us. That's not right. We're trying 120 percent, and unfortunately we're not getting the support we need to get. That's one of the reasons why I don't want to speak to the media and I don't want to speak to the people, and unfortunately some people might get upset with the words that I'm saying [but] that's the truth. You ask any player in the clubhouse, they'll say the same thing. We got our ass kicked the other night, but instead of helping us, no, they're trying to stick it to us."


All that was after a win!!!!   What's he going to do when he blows a save and there are K-Fraud headlines on the backpage of the Post.


Francisco, don't dodge the media.  If you blow a game just come out and say "I sucked tonight."   They'll get bored and walk away from you.   If you start hiding out you'll get booed out of town the way the formerly beloved Bud Harrelson did.



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