Baltimore Orioles: 3 Reasons Why They Should Trade for Dan Haren

Drew Reynolds@dreynoldsawlContributor IIINovember 1, 2012

Baltimore Orioles: 3 Reasons Why They Should Trade for Dan Haren

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    Trades have already begun to happen as the MLB offseason gets underway. The Los Angeles of Anaheim traded stater Ervin Santana to the Royals for minor league pitcher Brandon Sisk. Now that Santana is gone, the next pitcher on the Angels' trading block is right-handed starter Dan Haren.

    Haren, who is coming off his worst season in his major league career, has a club option for $15.5 million that the Angels have until Friday night to decide on. If they decline, there is a $3.5 million buyout they must pay. That being said, they will look to deal the veteran.

    There are plenty of teams that Haren would help, one of them being the Baltimore Orioles. Here are three reasons why the Orioles should trade for Dan Haren.

Pitching Depth

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    For the most part, every team is always looking to improve their pitching depth. The Orioles are no different.

    The Orioles' starting rotation was somewhat of a mess last year. Their performance wasn't bad, but they did have 12 different starters, with only one (Wei-Yin Chen) going over 30 starts. Haren would help stabilize the rotation.

    Haren is coming off the worst season of his career, even though he did put up solid numbers: 12-13 with a 4.33 ERA. For some pitchers, these would be career-best numbers, which only proves how solid and consistent Haren has been. If the Orioles do trade for him, the 32-year-old could be an option as the Opening Day starter.


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    Haren pitched 176.2 innings in 30 starts in 2012, both of which are the least amount he's had in the last eight seasons. What's ironic is that he'd be second in both innings pitched and starts if he was on the Orioles.

    In his previous seven seasons prior to 2012, Haren had 33-plus starts and pitched over 215 innings. An Orioles pitcher hasn't pitched 215 innings in one season since 2004, when Sidney Ponson accomplished the feat.

    Haren is a very durable pitcher, something that the Orioles have had trouble finding in the past decade.

Buy Low

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    Perhaps the No. 1 reason why the O's should go after Haren is that the Angels are not going to ask a lot for him. The Angels traded Ervin Santana for one minor leaguer, chances are they're looking to do the same here. 

    The Orioles could trade a minor leaguer or someone young with potential like a Jake Arrieta or Zach Britton. 

    There's no reason why they shouldn't at least look into getting Dan Haren, especially if the price is right.