David Ortiz Tweeted Pic from 'The Day After Tomorrow' and Erin Andrew Bought It

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David Ortiz Tweeted Pic from 'The Day After Tomorrow' and Erin Andrew Bought It
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

It seems David Ortiz and Erin Andrews have never seen "The Day After Tomorrow." 


Hurricane Sandy has the attention of the entire nation, and there has been some fallout from all the pictures and coverage currently flowing furiously all over the Internet. 

There was a picture of the soldiers at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier who were being credited with standing guard amid the downpour. Unfortunately, the specific picture floating around was from September

In a more hilarious turn, Erin Andrews sounded off on a picture she saw on David Ortiz's Twitter feed:


Yes, that is a picture from the 2004 film, "The Day After Tomorrow." We assume Ortiz was duped by the picture, but know full well that Andrews was, as seen by some rather hilarious fallout on Twitter. 

First comes this tweet from Bairet:


Then came some replies along with more fake pictures. 

Here is Worldwide Actions alerting Andrews that things were really getting nuts around the stature of liberty:


Photo Credit: Erin Andrews Twitter

And this tweet really has to make for quite the scare:


Andrews is a great sport about it and seems to be having a great laugh at herself.

She was bamboozled by a startling picture, something that is not restricted to just the FOX Sports personality. 

Amid a terrifying storm, it's fortunate to have a nice little laugh. 

I'm just sad I was forced to remember this movie once again. 

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