New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox: A Tale Of Two Cities

Joseph JoveContributor IMarch 14, 2009

Everyone is proud of his or her city, but none are prouder than New Yorkers. Because New York is and always will be the center of the universe. New York has welcomed millions upon millions of immigrants who were looking for hope and freedom in the new world.

Those immigrants became New Yorkers and Americans, they helped build the capital of the world that we know and love today. My great grandfather was part of that influx of immigrants that passed through Ellis Island in a very young twentieth century. He came with his own hopes and dreams that America was willing to offer so many like him, he helped build in his own way the Big Apple.

For 3 generations now a 4th generation, we have lived in or near by the city that never sleeps. He was able to take my grandfather to see the Yankees back in the day of Ruth and Gehrig. My grandfather took my father to watch Mantle and DiMaggio and of course my father took me to that great cathedral when Reggie, Munson and Nettles roamed the playing field.

I also was able to keep the tradition alive by taking my own son to go watch today's heroes. The names of the players have changed, but one thing that till this day has not changed is the fact that The Yankees win, and will win again unless history stops repeating itself, which is very unlikely.

Like New Yorkers, Bostonians are also proud of their city and should be. Boston played a primary role in the American revolutionary war. The Boston Massacre and the Boston tea party was the beginning of the end of English oppression. I believe that it's fair to say that if not for a Boston my great grandfather would have most likely stayed in Europe.

Boston truly is a great American City to say the very least, Their baseball team is another story. The Red Sox have been a mediocre Major League baseball team at best. The Red Sox have won six World Series championships since they changed their name to the Red Sox in 1908, for 7 years prior to 1908 they were the Boston Americans. They are more or less in the same mediacracy as the Dodgers with 6, Reds with 5, Pirates with 5 and the Giants with 5.

The Sox unlike the Yankees have let down quit a few generations of Bostonians. Prior to 2004 their last W.S. win was back around the time that my great grandfather passed through Ellis Island, 1918. Most blamed something called the Bambino curse for all those years of failure, I say there was no such thing. The Red Sox just stunk for four generations.

They did manage to win their division and the World Series in the same season in 2007. That is the only season that the Red Sox have been able to accomplish that feat in their 101 years of existence.The reason for that is because back in 1918 their were no Divisions only Leagues. That fact really puts into perspective how bad the Red Sox have been and for how long.

Every time that I hear Boston fans mention Red Sox nation I begin to laugh hysterically. Can you even begin to imagine if this sub-par baseball franchise would actually win another division title and a World Series the same season. They would most probably be calling themselves Red Sox Universe.

Lets have some fun and compare something other than baseball teams folks. Below is a small graph containing some small comparisons between New York and Boston.

                                                    FAMOUS PEOPLE


                  BOSTON                                                               NEW YORK

  1 Ben Affleck                                                                *   1 Al Pacino

  2 Barbara Walters                                                          *   2 Barbra Streisand

  3 Matt Damon                                                               *   3 Robert De Niro

                                               FAMOUS FOODS

  1 Clam Chowda                                                              *  1 New York Pizza


                                                FAMOUS LANDMARKS


  1 Monument Square                                                       *  1 Brooklyn Bridge

  2 New State House                                                        *  2 Empire State Bld

  3 Paul Revere House                                                      *  3 Statue of Liberty


My name is Joseph Jove, and I believe it's a shutout.