Phil Coke Has LOL-Inducing Story on Striking out Tigers' Miguel Cabrera

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterOctober 26, 2012

This story is just what Tigers fans need right about now, because laughs are already scarce as it is. 

We let Phil Coke (h/t BuzzFeed, Deadspin) take it away as he regales fans with an account of when he reminded Miguel Cabrera of the time they faced each other in a game. 

It's all delivered with a Miggy impression we really would like to hear more of from the closer. Perhaps Fox could find a mic into his hands during Game 3 when the World Series gets back underway. 

He launches into a story about Miggy asking about their meeting against one another. According to the Triple Crown winner, it had to have ended in a home run. Nope. 

It wasn't a "doble" or a sissy walk either.

It was indeed a strikeout on a 3-2 breaking ball, to which Miggy hilariously says, "I don't remember horse-crap pitchers."

That story is so vivid you almost believe you were in the room where it all went down. 

Of course, the funny story is just what's needed as the Tigers head into a pressure-packed weekend. The World Series favorite found out nothing is guaranteed and headed home in a 2-game hole. 

Not only that, the Giants are looking every bit the more dominant team in all aspects of the game. 

If they are going to mount a comeback, it will take some dominant performances from the main man of impressions here, Phil Coke, and his incredulous buddy Miguel Cabrera. 

This all serves to alert pitchers: Cabrera finds you all very forgettable. 

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