NFL: Roger Goodell Considering Dropping Pro Bowl in Light of Poor Play

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NFL: Roger Goodell Considering Dropping Pro Bowl in Light of Poor Play
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The Pro Bowl is a spectacle displaying the best talent the NFL has to offer, but it has become a laughingstock and needs to be done away with.

In a recent report, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell admitted that he is considering dropping the Pro Bowl due to uninspired play in recent years. Goodell said that the reason is simple: the Pro Bowl has become a laughingstock and there has been a significant "lack of competition."

Needless to say, the only fans who will be disappointed are the ones who win the silly NFL contests that guarantee a trip to Honolulu. Let's be honest: the Pro Bowl is an absolute joke and the NFL should be embarrassed to hold it. 

When we tune in to the Pro Bowl, do we expect an epic, high-flying game between the NFL's best players that has us on the edge of our seats in the fourth quarter? Of course not. But do we expect these millionaire athletes to at least give half an effort for the sake of our viewing pleasure? I sure do.

Last year's Pro Bowl was worthless. It sounds hash but it's true: there was no effort, no sense of excitement. It was like watching a WWE wrestling match—a bunch of athletes taking part in a fake contest, with an outcome that is neither legitimate nor satisfying. In the WWE, they at least show passion in their work.

I love the NFL. I believe it's the greatest sports league in the world and I will follow it and cherish it until the day I die. But whenever I hear the words "Pro Bowl," I can't help but think of a playground game with a bunch of guys trying to do flips and somersaults and the like. What's the point? To be honest, there's no point to begin with, but making the game at least a little bit watchable would make me more likely to tune in.

Of course, that's not going to happen. Football isn't a sport built for all star games. The game lends itself to injuries and the overall experience of watching is diluted by ineptitude and disinterest. Part of the beauty of football is its many intricacies and the complexities that make it as much a cerebral game as it is a physical one. When you stage a game where fans can phone in which play they want to see next, you're really going to have a bad time.

It's not the NFL's fault that the Pro Bowl is a failure. It's simply that the NFL experience can't exist in a playground-like atmosphere. The concept of a Pro Bowl is fine, the execution is awful. It's time to do away with it. Forever.

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