SF Giants' Ace Matt Cain Creates Myths and Ruins Piñatas with Mythbusters

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Matt Cain only needs a baseball and several random items to have a couple of Mythbusters completely lose their minds. 

A tip of the hat to Yahoo Sports who also report on this bizarre video taken from the YouTube feed of buster of myths, Tory Belleci

Kari Byron also features in this video that Yahoo Sports and With Leather are prepared to call absolutely fake, and I am inclined to agree. 

Smells like the busters have created a few myths that demand to be answered with this video. 

Cain greets Byron and Belleci at a park in San Francisco along with several kids who are there to take in all the marvelous destruction of inanimate objects.

Gallagher would be proud of all the items going boom. 

As Cain prepares to take on the St. Louis Cardinals in Game 7, sit back and enjoy him destroy a piñata, watermelon, deep dish pizza and the sentiment that the Mythbusters never tell a lie. 

Still, that hardly makes this video of one MLB ace taking down a deep-dish with sharpshooter accuracy any less fun to watch. 

We have no clue what spawned this video, bringing a pitcher in to create more questions than answers, but that hardly means we are going to whine about it. 

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