Fantasy Football Week 7: Who to Start and Who to Sit

Korey Beckett@@KoreyBeckettBRContributor IIIOctober 19, 2012

TAMPA, FL - SEPTEMBER 30:  Quarterback Josh Freeman #5 of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers looks to pass against the Washington Redskins September 30, 2012 at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida. (Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)
Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

IMPORTANT UPDATE: After responding to as many questions in the comment box that I possibly could, it appears that my comment limit has hit it's maximum. Please forward any questions to or also I will be having a fantasy mailbox column tomorrow morning. Thank you for your questions, everyone!

Welcome back to the fun, everyone! After a two-week hiatus (I am so sorry about that), I still got some questions on my Facebook page, which you can find here, but the article hasn't been out due to some previous engagements. I still have been busy on B/R as well and I thought I might open the mailbox for some advice that I have given already this week that you may find helpful:

Joshua G writes: "flex?- Vick Ballard, Josh Gordon, Denarius Moore?"

I would go with Ballard since his worst day will still be better than the other two's worst days, thanks for your question!

Jacob P writes: "I'm loving your articles on BR. I have a fantasy question for you though. I want to pick up Randall Cobb until Greg Jennings is healthy, but I have to drop someone. Should I drop Kenny Britt (who seems to be getting better), Stephen Hill, Cecil Shorts, Pierre Garçon (who I really want to heal up since RG3 is my QB) or Jared Cook (I have Chandler)?"

Thanks for being a fan! Randall Cobb is a great pickup for this week, I would get rid of Cecil Shorts or Stephen Hill. You definitely have to hang on to Britt and Garcon. There hasn't been many tight ends better than Cook either. It may not seem like he's doing much, but Cook is doing good compared to most. Hope this helps, Jacob!

Brad S writes: "Schaub vs. Ravens or Freeman vs. Saints?"

Had to about it think but I like Freeman this week.

Dave F writes: "You are quite possibly the worst writer in the history of the Internet."

Not sure how that one got in there, but thanks for reading!

Now on to the other guys you should bench, play, get rid of, etc.




Josh Freeman-Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Freeman finally came alive against Kansas City, lighting them up for 23 points. This week should be no different against a New Orleans team that is giving up an average of 16 points, which would be a lot higher if you left out Matt Cassel's six.

I expect Freeman to be around 20 again this week since that has been the trend for the Saints defense, even if they do get Johnathan Vilma back. You have to play the matchups unless you have a quarterback that can absolutely not be benched, and this is one of those matchups.


Jay Cutler-Chicago Bears

Much like Freeman, Cutler also did come alive against a poor defense (Jacksonville). The Bears are now coming off of a bye week against the rival Lions and the good news for the Bears is that the game is in Soldier Field.

He and Brandon Marshall have been in great synchronicity this season and without a shutdown corner to stop him, the tandem should be able to rack up a lot of points this week. Expect him to be in the 18-20 range this Sunday against the hated Lions.


Ryan Fitzpatrick-Buffalo Bills

Everyone is still trying to figure him out. After four good fantasy weeks (his best came in a game where he had four picks), he has followed up with two stinkers against San Francisco and Arizona.

The NFC West though, does have some good defenses. This is not 2010 so you have to remember they are not the laughing stock they used to be.

This week, the Bills return home against the Titans who haven't given up less than 15 points to an opposing quarterback in a game.

Another matchup play that you have to take unless you have a stud QB.


Running Backs

Alfred Morris-Washington Redskins

It seems that people are still hesitant on Morris, who is still being benched in nearly 20% of fantasy leagues, but I don't see where the worry is coming from.

The Giants defense may seem scary, but the fewest points they have given up to an opposing running back is eight. The fewest that Morris has scored? Also eight.

So worst case scenario, Morris gets eight points. I expect around 17 or 18 though, which is good enough to start him in every single league. "Tickle Me Al-Mo" is not going away.


Doug Martin-Tampa Bay Buccaneers

You have to play a starting running back against the Saints. It is a requirement. They are dead last against the run. Martin will likely have 13 points if he doesn't get into the end zone. Take it.


Felix Jones-Dallas Cowboys

Everyone that picked Jones up this week can breathe a sigh of relief now that DeMarco Murray has been ruled out for this week's contest against the Panthers.

He's a great play this week since the Panthers have had great difficulties trying to stop the run, ranking 28th in the league. This may be the only week where Jones is worth having on your team, but it will definitely pay off.

If I have to make a prediction, I will say 15-17 points. I tell people not to get too cute with people they just picked up but this matchup is too tasty to ignore.

Wide Receivers

James Jones and Randall Cobb-Green Bay Packers

Chances are, Jordy Nelson is already a starter in your league. That's good, keep it that way. If you don't have Nelson, either Jones or Cobb would be a good start.

Aaron Rodgers hasn't skipped a beat with the waning of Donald Driver and injury to Greg Jennings. All three receivers are worth a play unless you have Victor Cruz in all three of your starting receiver slots.

Vincent Jackson-Tampa Bay Buccaneers

You probably already know how bad the Saints defense is. If you have Freeman, this is a great compliment to him on your team this week.


Donnie Avery-Indianapolis Colts

This is a pick if you are desperate thanks to bye weeks. The Colts will take on the Browns this week and with most of the attention being focused on Reggie Wayne, expect Avery to have a sneaky good game.

Six out of the top 20 receivers in fantasy football have a bye this week, so get him if he's still on your waiver-wire.


Tight Ends

Scott Chandler-Buffalo Bills

Man this is risky considering he has been terrible since his hot start. But then again, not a single team has been worse against tight ends than the Titans. Tony Gonzalez is on a bye week and Jimmy Graham may sit out due to injury. So if you need a tight end, why not Chandler?




Matthew Stafford-Detroit Lions

Everything about this game just has me thinking Bears blowout. They are at home, coming off a bye week against a rival. I just don't like it.

It seems like the Lions had to expend everything last week just to steal a win from the Eagles. They would have to expend even more to get past Chicago.

The Bears have the top ranked pass defense in fantasy and if you have any of the QB's in the 'Start' section, I would suggest playing them over Stafford. Call me crazy now, but thank me later.


Joe Flacco-Baltimore Ravens and Matt Schaub-Houston Texans

Even after the Packers humiliated the Texans defense a week ago and the Ravens defense suffered from the injury bug, I still do not see this being a high scoring contest.

Schaub has really only had one impressive game thus far and Flacco picks on bad defenses. This is not one of those defenses.

Expect a slug fest this week as each player hovers around the 10-12 point mark.


Running Backs

Adrian Peterson-Minnesota Vikings

It's not because he isn't good, he certainly is. I just hate the matchup and I hate how the Vikings handle him in the red zone.

Sure, he will get most of the carries, but if he's not getting in the end zone, he will likely peak around 9 or 10 points. I have watched Vikings games with Peterson owners, and I know how much they hate the Vikes because of it.

Against the Redskins, they had many chances in the red zone. Minnesota seemed more compelled to throw the ball or hand it to Toby Gerhart and Percy Harvin. It's one of the endless frustrations of having a running back in fantasy football.

Stevan Ridley-New England Patriots

As Peterson owners will tell you, it's almost as frustrating to have him as it is Ridley. He has blown up before and probably will again. Unfortunately, you never know when it's going to be.

I knew he would have an awful game last week as soon as he dropped the ball on a check-down early in the game. I believe my exact quote was "Oh my god, Belichick is never giving him the ball again".

He got the ball again, but not a whole lot.

Against the Jets (who the Pats hate the most), Belichick will likely try to get cute, and I'm not sure where Ridley fits in that. Wait for him to be more consistent before relying on him again.

Chris Johnson-Tennessee Titans

Oh good, he still has a pulse. I'm still not sold. Even against Buffalo.


Wide Receivers

Larry Fitzgerald-Arizona Cardinals

Ok, so maybe don't sit him. Just be aware of the matchup, the Vikings have been good at shutting down top receivers. I would only suggest really sitting him if you have a great lineup and a possibly better option at flex.


Torrey Smith-Baltimore Ravens and Andre Johnson-Houston Texans

Again, I just hate this game fantasy-wise (unless you have either defense). Johnson hasn't been good enough to be a must-start anymore so you don't have to worry about benching him.


Tight Ends

Jimmy Graham-New Orleans Saints

The injury worries me. It's a great matchup against Tampa, but I would wait for him to get completely healthy unless you have no other tight ends worthy of playing football on your roster.


Well that about wraps it up, thanks again for reading! Hopefully you find my advice fruitful but I have plenty more to give. There's a million ways to contact me (but I'll give you three). Again my official Facebook page is here and you can also e-mail your questions to or even just in the comment section below! Good luck!


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