Plaxico Burress Slapped with $1,000 Ticket for Motocycle Speeding

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Plaxico Burress Slapped with $1,000 Ticket for Motocycle Speeding
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Plaxico Burress continues to find new and imaginative ways to fall behind in this wonderful game called life. 

The former NFL wide receiver who once amazed with his speed on the field is still very much out of the league, and causing trouble while speeding. 

Gossip Extra (h/t Terez Owens) reports the 35-year old was caught going 50 miles-per-hour over the speed limit on his motorcycle. 

I really hope this was the hog that got him there, because it's my kind of ridiculous. 

Photo Credit: Gossip Extra

The 35-year-old receiver, who was released by the New York Jets earlier this year, is facing a serious traffic charge after he was clocked by Broward County Sheriff‘s deputies at 50 mph over the 55 mph speed limit on a motorcycle, according to Broward County court records.

If convicted, motorcycle buff Burress will have to pay a $1,000, one of the highest traffic fines in Florida.

The report is also careful to point out Burress is on the hook for nearly $100,000 in federal income taxes. There is apparently still a lien on his $2 million Lighthouse Point home thanks to $98,064.76 in taxes he owes. 

Though, all this could be worse. The former receiver could have been arrested which his lawyer notes did not happen, and there will be no further legal action against Burress. 

His attorney Brad Cohen stated: 

He was not arrested or anything. It was filed as a traffic violation, which won’t be a problem when it comes to his supervised released. It’s just a ticket.

For Burress, his life after football should be rather simple. Go through life without breaking the law or excessively speeding through the countryside. 

If he can do that, things should be rather wonderful for the man who is just a season removed from being an NFL player. 

Something tells me that will be far more difficult for him than it sounds though. 

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