VP Candidate Paul Ryan Mistakes Colt McCoy for Brandon Weeden, Hilarity Ensues

Gabe ZaldivarSenior Writer IIApril 4, 2017

Paul Ryan does not know what Brandon Weeden looks like. 

Granted, such a fact has no bearing on the presidential campaign and holds absolutely no weight as to the type of vice president Ryan might be. 

It's just hilarious. 

The Plain Dealer reports Paul Ryan, hiker of mountains and runner of marathons, was present at Cleveland Browns practice on Wednesday after stopping by Baldwin Wallace University. 

The task really should have been simple. Make an appearance, shake some hands, smile and generally look interested in a team that is 1-5. 

Well, he was close. In the end, he managed to make Browns practice far more awkward than it ever could be, even for a 1-5 team. 

While addressing players, Ryan praised Weeden, whom he recalled watching play for Oklahoma State, according to a pool report.

The only problem: The Wisconsin congressman was pointing to (Colt) McCoy.

Ryan pleaded for mercy when he realized his mistake. "You always had your helmet on," he said of the redheaded Weeden.

I really wish I could wrap up this moment and stick it in my pocket, only taking it out when I need an adorable pick-me-up when feeling down. 

I could see where the VP candidate would get the two mixed up. They do have similar quarterback ratings (McCoy with a 74.6 in 2011 and Weeden with a 68.1 in 2012). 

Also, does anyone even care what the Browns quarterbacks look like? Even Browns fans?

I think it's best if they all just keep their helmets on for the rest of the season. As for Ryan, try not to get overly-confident in your name calling. 

Stick to the terms "hey you" and "this guy," and you should be just fine. 

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