Rob Gronkowski Extends Summer of Gronk, Parties Shirtless Up in the Club

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterOctober 12, 2012

Gronk want to party. Gronk hot. Gronk take off shirt. Gronk dance to music. 

In what has to be the best news of the NFL season, Rob Gronkowski has decided to continue being Rob Gronkowski. 

Thanks to Sportress of Blogitude, which spotted a magnificent video, we now have evidence that things are business as usual for the star tight end. 

Here is a video of Gronk partying up in the club.

It really should go without stating, but his shirt is off. You know, because of course it is. 

Also, there is some NSFW language at the end. 

There is all the evidence you need that you can't keep a good Gronk down, not even when his team asks him to kindly cease and desist with being all Gronk and stuff

According to the report, the party went down at the Boston nightclub Umbria, after Sunday’s win over the Denver Broncos, 31-21. 

In that game, Gronk caught four passes for 35 yards. Hardly the best night he ever put up on the sport, but no reason to sit home and sulk. 

No, the best way to get all the wiggles out is to rip off the shirt and have some woman rub her hands all over your head, as seen in the video. 

Please, Gronk, don't ever change. 


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