Arizona Cardinals: 4 Reasons Kevin Kolb's Form Won't Last All Season

Hector Diaz@@iamhectordiazAnalyst IOctober 11, 2012

Arizona Cardinals: 4 Reasons Kevin Kolb's Form Won't Last All Season

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    Kevin Kolb is having quite a season so far, but for once this is actually a good thing. 

    The Arizona Cardinals are currently tied for the top spot in the NFC West with the San Francisco 49ers after losing in Week 5 against the St. Louis Rams

    Before the stunning loss, Arizona was one of the three remaining undefeated teams, which shows how much the team has progressed after their shaky 8-8 2011 season. 

    Much of this success has resulted from the quarterback position. Despite losing the offseason quarterback battle, Kolb managed to prove his worth when he took over in Week 1 for an injured John Skelton. 

    But as productive as Kolb has been throughout the first five games of the season, he is walking a fine line between poised veteran and indecisive second-string quarterback. 

    In honor of Arizona’s victories and Kevin Kolb’s jersey number, here are four reasons Kevin Kolb’s form will not last the entire season.  

Kolb Is Injury Prone

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    The injury to John Skelton may have given Kevin Kolb the opportunity to showcase his ability to lead the offense, but it may only be a matter of time until he finds himself in the same situation. 

    According to, Kolb has never played an entire season as a starter.

    The most games Kolb has started in a single season was in 2011, where he only played nine games due to a concussion and a turf toe injury. 

    In fact, the only reason Kolb eventually wound up in Arizona is the result of an injury.

    As a Philadelphia Eagle, Kolb suffered a concussion at the hands of Clay Matthews which put him out of the season-opening game, as noted by

    The injury led to Michael Vick’s second successful run at starting quarterback and Kolb’s journey to the desert. 

Offensive Line Worries

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    The offensive line is partly to blame for the lack of a running game, which translates into more work for Kevin Kolb. 

    It doesn't help that the line has allowed a league-high in sacks this season. 

    According to ESPN, the Cardinals' offensive line has allowed a whopping 17 sacks in the last two games alone. 

    Any momentum the Cardinals may have in a drive can be completely wiped out with Kolb hitting the ground. And since that has happens at an astronomical rate, the Cardinals won’t find ample scoring opportunities anytime soon. 

    Seventeen of the Cardinals' 23 sacks have occurred when Arizona is trailing in a game, which only makes matters worse for Kolb, who has been known to put the team in compromising situations in the past. 

The Defense Has Been Carrying the Team

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    The quarterback is usually the focal point of any good team. 

    In Arizona’s case, it is one of many weaknesses. Arizona’s only consistent offensive threat is wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald, who has had trouble getting receptions with subpar quarterback performances. 

    It would be downright impossible for the Cardinals to have such an impressive record without the defense.

    The Cardinals defense, led by second-year defensive coach Ray Horton, allows only 15.6 points per game according to (fifth in the NFL). 

    This puts the team in a favorable position and places less pressure on Kolb since he does not have to throw a lot of touchdowns. In many cases, he may only have to throw one to win a game much like he did against the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots

John Skelton

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    Remember Arizona’s quarterback competition? It seems that the Cardinals don’t. 

    Winning removes any old worries, which is beneficial to Kevin Kolb' s job security at this point. 

    But for better or worse, the Arizona Cardinals have a formidable backup in John Skelton. If Kolb is not able to minimize his mistakes, Skelton can easily step up and take his place. 

    Skelton has shown that he can still win while putting up stellar numbers as well. 

    Kolb better hope Arizona continues to add wins to their already impressive 4-1 record. If not, it may be back to the bench for him.