NOC Delivers the Funny in "Every Fan of MLB" Video

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The MLB playoffs are giving us a few final fantastic moments from a great 2012 season, but this NOC video delivers the laughs in tandem. 

The good people at NOC have another video filled with jokes and jokes and jokes to keep us all giggling until the final pitch of the World Series. 

In the same vein as "Every Fan of the NFL in 90 Seconds" and "Every College Football Fan" comes this video that covers every last fan of Major League Baseball—even those of the Kansas City Royals. 

Yes, the Royals still have a team. 

Dodgers fans are amped about four more wins this season, despite spending millions more on bloated contracts, and the Yankees are still very much disappointed by barely taking the division. 

The Twins may toy with using 30 starting pitchers next season, and the Rangers pose the wonderful statement, "Ask not what the Rangers can do for Yu, but what Yu can do for the Rangers."

If you are looking for the best part of the video, for me, it has to be the Pirates fan who claims his team is so bad, they are the Cleveland Indians of baseball. 

Every last obvious blemish of each team is exposed, and it's beautiful. 

This season was just as astonishing as any other, and fans across the nation certainly have fuel for their offseason vitriol. 

If not, use this video to get you started. 

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