NFL Players Team with the Hip Hop Dance Experience for Charity

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterOctober 8, 2012

Be sure to smile a little bigger when several NFL players break into celebratory dances this season, because they will be doing some good with their funky, festive dances, starting with Von Miller

Ubisoft, the maker of such dance video-game hits as Michael Jackson: The Experience and The Black Eyed Peas: The Experience, is set to release the latest in the franchise. 

The newest is called The Hip Hop Dance Experience (out November 13 in North America), and it has some NFL ties. 

Via Ubisoft press release email, Von Miller has agreed to team up with the video-game producer and get some much-needed love for their respective charities. 

Miller has this video to show just how intense coming up with a celebration dance can be. 

Miller now has added motivation to get to the quarterback on Sunday.

The press release delves into how things will work for this dance-off for charity:

Each time Von performs his celebratory sack dance on the field, Ubisoft and The Hip Hop Dance Experience will make a charitable donation to Von’s Vision, a foundation dedicated to providing eye care, glasses, and contact lenses to underprivileged youth.

This isn't a one-man show, though. Fans can get in on the action and name his new move by heading over to his Twitter handle, @millerlite40, and sounding off on potential names for the boogie. 

More videos from other NFL players will be released in time, but there is no doubt they will be as amped to get some much-needed help to charities as Miller seems to be. He tells Ubisoft: 

I’ve already made some big sacks this season and I’m just getting warmed up. Ubisoft gave me a sneak peek at The Hip Hop Dance Experience and I picked up some fresh new moves that I can’t wait to bust out the next time I introduce an opposing team’s quarterback to the turf.  The league beware: I’m gunning for you on Sunday!

If you needed more incentive to own the upcoming game, it seems that you get a lot more than hours of funky fun.

You also get a crash course in moves some of the best athletes in the NFL will be using to celebrate their next sack or touchdown. 

Dancing never felt so good. 


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