Some More A-Rod News

JerseySenior Analyst IMarch 6, 2009

When the news broke about A-Rod's labrum ailment Thursday, there were flurries of reports about surgery and rehab and recovery times. No one seemed to get it right, as every report was upstaged moments later by more breaking news.

When the dust finally settled, the final story was that the Yankees will try to postpone surgery as much as possible. While surgery is ultimately necessary, Brian Cashman and crew believe A-Rod can play through it (at least for now) and will get the most they can out of him.

My initial response was one of skepticism. Why not let A-Rod fix it now? Sure, he'll be out a while, but I'd rather be without him now than later in the season. Plus, by having him play through it, the tear could get worse. Is this really a risk worth taking?

Well, ESPN's Stephania Bell thinks so. I'm not the biggest fan of ESPN, but if there are two things they get right, it's fantasy baseball and injury reports. Free plug here: ESPN is far superior to Yahoo! or CBS or any other free online fantasy baseball service, hands down. And Bell's injury analyses are well-articulated and very accurate.

When she said the cyst was likely the result of a labrum tear-- before the tear was in fact revealed-- she was spot on. And when she said recovery time would be longer than the originally predicted 10 weeks, she was right again. Hopefully, she's right again in calling the Yankees' option an "excellent first step." Below is a video of her summary of the current situation:



Via Deadspin:

A-Rod will have some surgery now, some later. He'll miss six to nine weeks following the minor surgery, but will be able to play through the season. He'll then finish the process after the season is over.