Cardinals vs. Rams: Score, Twitter Reaction, Grades and More

Tim Keeney@@t_keenContributor IOctober 5, 2012

If you're a fan of points, the St. Louis Rams' 17-3 Thursday Night Football victory over the Arizona Cardinals certainly wasn't for you. 

Unfortunately for the Rams, the huge win came along with a huge loss, as Danny Amendola broke his collarbone (according to Pro Football Talk).

Sam Bradford got the game started with a picture-perfect drive that ended in a seven-yard touchdown toss to Lance Kendricks before Kevin Kolb and the Cardinals responded with an efficient drive for three points.

Then came the defense.

Neither team was able to move the ball with any type of consistency, but while the Cardinals defense was good, the Rams' was flat-out dominant. 

In the end, the Cardinals (4-1) were handed their first loss and the Rams moved to 3-2. 


Twitter Reaction

The NBA may be coming down on flopping, but Kevin Kolb proved the NFL is a step behind when he drew a roughing penalty in his own end zone by pretending like his helmet was going to explode (via Yahoo! Sports' Doug Farrar):

Jenna Jameson appreciated Kevin Kolb's acting job on that roughness call.

— SC_DougFarrar (@SC_DougFarrar) October 5, 2012

Janoris Jenkins has had some off-the-field problems, but so far this season, his talent has been the real story. That was true once again on this night (via NFL Network's Albert Breer):

Janoris Jenkins is one impressive athlete. If he can keep his $#%& straight, look out.

— Albert Breer (@AlbertBreer) October 5, 2012

The rookie made multiple terrific plays on the ball. St. Louis' corners are scary good. 

ESPN's Stephania Bell summed up what most people were thinking after Danny Amendola went down with a shoulder injury:

Just feel badly for Amendola more than anything. Terrible elbow injury last year. Worked hard to get back. Now this.

— Stephania Bell (@Stephania_ESPN) October 5, 2012

Ryan Williams couldn't find any running room, but as Yahoo! Sports' Brad Evans points out, it wasn't entirely his fault:

Poor Ryan Williams. A meerkat couldn't find a hole running behind that offensive line.

— Brad Evans (@YahooNoise) October 5, 2012

Another sign of the offensive line struggles? Eight sacks for the Rams. 

NFL scout guru Josh Lisiewitz gives us an idea of who St. Louis' best offensive weapon might be:

St. Louis should just take a knee and let #Legatron kick the 60 yarder to go up two possessions...

— Josh Liskiewitz (@JoshLiskiewitz) October 5, 2012

Legatron, aka Greg Zuerlein, aka Greg the Leg, aka Young G.Z. is becoming a fan favorite this year, but of course, seconds after that tweet, Sam Bradford found Chris Givens for a 51-yard touchdown to seal the game. 


Fantasy Impact

If you had a defense in this game, you're probably sitting in good shape. The Cardinals gave up just 17 points while while adding a sack and an interception. The Rams, on the other hand, were spectacular. They gave up just three points, tallied eight sacks and a fumble recovery.

If you had anyone else, you're probably not in great shape.

Sam Bradford was able to find the end zone twice, but he also threw for just 141 yards and added a pick. Steven Jackson didn't have a bad game (76 yards on 18 carries), but the lack of a touchdown and conceding nine carries to Daryl Richardson is undoubtedly frustrating. 

On the other side of the field, despite throwing the ball 50 times, Kolb was only able to rack up 289 yards and failed to find the end zone as well.

Ryan Williams, meanwhile, well, fantasy owners probably don't want me to talk about Ryan Williams. He carried the ball 14 times for 33 yards and left with a shoulder injury.


Kevin Kolb, QB: D

Is it Kolb's fault that his offensive line looked like a colander against the Rams' defensive line and Arizona didn't start drawing up some screens until the end of the fourth quarter? Absolutely not.

But should Kolb still have been a lot better on the night? Absolutely.

He made multiple bad throws in the first half on plays that should have resulted in touchdowns, he made bad decisions, he often made the wrong pre-snap reads, and he failed to do anything in the red zone twice in the fourth quarter.

Despite throwing for 289 yards, it was a horrendous showing from Kolb. 


Sam Bradford, QB: B-

This might be the ugliest B- in the history of grades. Bradford completed just 7-of-21 passes and at one point missed a career-high 13-straight throws.

He also threw a killer interception in the end zone when he just tossed the ball up as pressure got to him. Nonetheless, Bradford made the throws that needed to be made, and, most importantly, he won the game. 

The third-year QB not only led a methodical touchdown drive to start the game, but he also delivered an important 51-yard TD strike in the fourth quarter. All in all, it wasn't that bad for an overall ugly offensive game without his favorite receiver. 


What's Next?

The Cardinals head home where they host the Buffalo Bills next Sunday, while the Rams head to Miami to take on the Dolphins



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