Searching for Bryce Harper's Girlfriend: Nats Slugger's Dating Life a Mystery

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Searching for Bryce Harper's Girlfriend: Nats Slugger's Dating Life a Mystery
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Every big league ballplayer can be guaranteed to have extremely attractive people throw themselves in their general direction, but what about Bryce Harper?

The dating life of the Washington Nationals' rookie sensation is a mystery wrapped in an enigma bookended by some rampant rumors that pretty much lead us nowhere. 

Odd, considering he is the baseball equivalent of Tim Tebow, a man the media loves to talk about and is never short on soundbites or ridiculous moments devolving into memes. 

Clown question, anyone?

As USA Today once reported, Harper has been hit with mounds of letter and phone numbers from eager fans hoping to one day canoodle with the slugger. 

The big rumor to hit the hardest working man in baseball since Pete Rose is that he was dating UFC ring girl, Brittney Palmer. 

Photo Credit: The Inquisitr
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That's pretty much a rumor any man alive would hold onto and tout as true, even if there was only a modicum of truth to it. 

Back in May, Harper posed with Palmer which set off a firestorm of rumors the two were dating, via The Inquisitr

As quickly as the rumor started, it was extinguished

Back in April, Busted Coverage wondered whether this girl was Bryce Haper's lady, while one person in the comments section states it's Olivia Garvey, daughter of former MLB-er Steve Garvey. 

Photo Credit: Busted Coverage

Again, nothing more than rumor and innuendo. 

It seems far more likely that Harper is content to take things slow off the field, even though he is one of the most aggressive players on it. 

That will serve him well as there is no shortage of interest in the Nats' slugger. 

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