Washington Nationals' Teddy Roosevelt Wins President's Race, Twitter Explodes

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Washington Nationals' Teddy Roosevelt Wins President's Race, Twitter Explodes

It's the last day of the regular season. Time to clean out your desk, make plans for the winter and, for millions who have craved it, see Teddy Roosevelt finally win the fourth-inning Presidents Race. 

Miracles do happen for those who believe. 

The Washington Post reports on a story that is nearly as big as the Nationals making the playoffs. Who are we kidding? It's bigger

Yes, after more than 500 attempts since the popular race debuted at RFK Stadium in the summer of 2006, the giant-headed mascot depicting the 26th President finally crossed the finish line first.

Leave work early, call the wife and order some bubbly. It's time to celebrate your heads off, Nationals fans. 

The Nats have made it to the promised land, and so has Teddy. 

If you are suddenly overcome with a wave of excitement, realizing that this is something that has never happened and may never happen again, you are not alone. 

Washington Post's Rick Maese and Michael Lee had this to say about the stuffed Teddy winning the race.


Mark Zuckerman had proof for us.


Photo Credit: Mark Zuckerman Twitter

Jessica, a producer at WUSA9, had this to say, destroying the belief that Teddy's win means one big jinx on the playoffs.


Nationals on MASN actually have a link to the video for all of you.


Lastly, we have some perspective.


It's Teddy by a nose.

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