Padres and Dodgers Get Star Monkey Crystal to Throw out First Pitch at Petco

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterSeptember 28, 2012

Photo Credit: San Diego Padres
Photo Credit: San Diego Padres

As two NL West teams stumble to the finish line, it's time to welcome a monkey to the scene, bringing it all to a sophisticated end. 

Check out the monkey. 

Sportess of Blogitude (h/t With Leather) has some fantastic pictures that will sate every last need you ever had to see an adorable monkey being all monkey-ish at a baseball game. 

The monkey stealing our hearts and making us scream, "OMG a monkey!" so loudly that our neighbors believe we are watching a Marcel episode of Friends is Crystal, kind of a big deal in Hollywood. 

The report clues us in that this primate is the lovable face in such entertainment fare as The Hangover Part IICommunityNight at the Museum and is currently featured in the first season of the NBC show Animal Practice

On Thursday, Crystal threw out the first pitch and generally brought the adorable all over Petco Park. Sportess of Blogitude has video of the whole thing, but here are the best moments in picture form. 

Here is Yonder Alonso looking like a kid on Christmas who just unwrapped a Nintendo.

Awesome pic!…

— Yonder Alonso (@YonderalonsoU) September 28, 2012


Thanks to the Padres, we now have this moment that is pretty much like a warm embrace from a teddy bear while you sip on hot cocoa near a roaring fire.

Now that's a tough jersey size to find... #CrystaltheMonkey #Padres @animalpractice @petco

— San Diego Padres (@Padres) September 28, 2012


And one more of Alonso looking like he just tasted his first candy bar. 

Sure the Padres will not be making the playoffs, but they got to hang out with a monkey. That is more than most of us can say. 

Unless you happen to own a monkey. In which case, can we be BFF's?

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