Keith Hernandez Shaves Iconic Mustache, an Entire Mets Nation Weeps

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterSeptember 27, 2012

Photo Credit: Larry Brown Sports
Photo Credit: Larry Brown Sports

Thursday, Sept. 27 will be a date to live on in infamy. It's the day that Keith Hernandez decided to shave off his mustache. 

Now all that remains is some creepy dude where Hernandez used to be, some discarded facial hair and Tom Selleck. 

That's right. 

All the world has now is Selleck, and even he has been known to shave his mustache from time to time. The world is a dark place now, and there is no way it will get any brighter. 

Well, until Hernandez gets lazy and stops shaving. 

Thanks to Larry Brown Sports (h/t SportsGrid), we have a report on every last second that was the most depressing news of the day. 

Go out, grab some Yoo-Hoo and pop the top. Now pour that sweet beverage on the pavement and give ups to a truly remarkable mustache. 

Seriously, look at this guy:

Now look at this guy:

Now look at this guy:

Then again, look at this guy:

As you can see, facial hair doesn't fit on every face, but it certainly suited The Hernandez quite well. And now I am sad beyond repair. 

The only thing that helps my depression is this part of the report:

As part of the event, Schick donated $10,000 to the Adult Day Health Center to help people who struggle with Alzheimer's disease.

Fine, we will allow this moment in shaving that has us all a little off-kilter headed into the weekend, but only because it was for a great cause.


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