Jaguars' Offseason (Part One of Three)

David NelsonCorrespondent IIIMarch 5, 2009

With the offseason still in its early stages, the Jaguars have so far stuck to their guns.  Claiming that the Jaguars will rebuild through the draft and not free agency was definitely a true statement.

With only one signing (outside of last year's players re-signing), the Jaguars picked up safety Sean Considine. I guess it adds some depth to the position, but he isn't exactly starting material.

There has been some talks of tackle Tra Thomas being a target, but his age and the amount of money he is looking for has pushed the Jaguars away from really going after him. 

I do agree with the fact that rebuilding is done through the draft. However, it doesn't hurt to go after a couple guys in free agency that could really help this team.

I thought that Gibril Wilson would have been a great signing if they could have worked out a deal. Wilson worked out a deal with the Dolphins that gave him about $29 million for five years. He's a great safety, and would have solidified our secondary, but we passed.

The departure of some veterans have definitely given this team a new personality. The Jaguars have released some of the biggest names to have played for the franchise in their history, most notably Fred Taylor. Other departures include Mike Peterson, Paul Spicer, Drayton Florence, Jerry Porter, and Khalif Barnes. 

The re-signings of Brad Meester and Scott Starks has been the Jaguars finest work so far this offseason. Meester is a great starting center, and Starks adds that depth we need at the cornerback position. 

Looking ahead to the draft, there are a lot of holes that needs filling on this team. The most obvious of them is at wide receiver.  Our corps of wide outs is very, very poor.  I have heard rumors that the Jaguars are going to do something about it, but not any clues have been given as to what. 

I do not believe Crabtree will fall to them at the No. 8 pick, but as the draft always proves, nothing is certain until draft day. I like Maclin, but I think if it came down to him and more than likely Andre Smith, then we should grab Smith. We need to solidify our offensive line, and give Garrard and Jones-Drew some much needed help. 

My article "Jacksonville Jaguars: The Perfect Draft," focuses on what our team should do if the draft rolls our way.  It may be highly unlikely to grab a guy like Hakeem Nicks in the second round, but it is very possible after seeing the wide receivers fall into the second round last year. 

If Nicks is not available, then perhaps the best safety on the board, or maybe a running back. After that, it is really hard to predict who may fall in what round but the third round should be targeting either a running back, defensive tackle, or cornerback. The fourth should focus on possibly a wide receiver, center, or quarterback. 

A guy's name that I know they like is Pat White from West Virginia. He played in the Senior Bowl, and guess who else was there? The Jaguars coaching staff, so they got to see him first hand. 

The fifth and sixth round will go to guys that can add some depth to probably the offensive line and wide receiving corps. The Jaguars do not hold a seventh round pick, as it was traded last year.

I broke down the Jaguars by position and gave them a grade to see where they stand. I figured this would help indicate what was needed come draft day:

QB: B   RB: B   FB: A   WR: D+   TE: C   OT: C-   OG: B-   C: B   DE: B-   DT: B   OLB: B   MLB: A-   CB: B-   FS: B   SS: D+   K: B   P: C+   Overall: B-