NFL Replacement Refs Get Hilarious Taiwanese NMA Treatment

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The awful animation and hilariously cutting commentary behind every Next Media Animation video is back to take on the NFL replacement referees. 

It's as you would expect.

Before watching, consider all the most ridiculous subplots to this story, and rest assured they are included in these few minutes of brilliance. 

We get an instant classic moment when the Taiwanese animation geniuses take on the story of Mike Shanahan's son berating the refs. 

While Kyle Shanahan did indeed lambaste refs in the stadium tunnel after last week's game, he was not brought to the game by dad for "Take Your Kid to Work Day" as the video explains. 

Kyle is the offensive coordinator of the Washington Redskins, and this NMA video had me LOLing when it took on the younger Shanahan. 

After that, well, things get a little out of hand. In a great way, though. 

There is a mention of scissors in a naughty way, the commissioner is seen doing some unforgivable acts and fans are appropriately described as sheep as they watch Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless

Is this the best NMA video? 

It's certainly one of the most jarring to watch and captures the cartoon that is the replacement-ref debacle.

Let's just say it isn't horrible, unlike the subject matter they chose to tackle. 

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