Al Davis Is Not Crazy!!!

Jason SimmonsCorrespondent IMarch 5, 2009

Ok...that isn't a good picture of Al.

Who would have thought Javon Walker would crash and burn like he did in '08???


We all thought he was going to be the answer for our passing game.

Who would have thought that Gibril Wilson couldn't cover a PB&J sandwich with plastic wrap???


We all thought he was going to solidify our secondary.

Who would have thought that DeAngelo hall couldn't play man with that blistering speed???


We all thought we had the baddest CB tandem in the NFL.

Who would have thought Kwame Harris would turn out to be the worst left tackle in NFL history???

NO- fricken-BODY!!!

What i'm trying to say is, you can't really predict how someone is going to perform until they play in a game. Every so-called Raider fan jumped on the bandwagon last year because they thought they were going to the playoffs last year. But as soon as some players talent doesn't pan out, they want to blame old Al.

In the '06 draft, people complained about taking Michael Huff over Matt Leinart. Leinart can't start over a 38 year-old man.

In the '07 draft, we took Jamarcus Russel when people said we should have taken Brady Quinn. Who is he again? But I will admit, we could have gotten Calvin Johnson or Adrian Peterson. But J-Roc has that once in a millennium arm we couldn't pass up.

And when we took Run-DMC at No. 4 in the '08 draft, most said we should have taken Sedrick Ellis, Glenn Dorsey, or Vernon Gholston (Did he even start a game? Did he even play?). But when he didn't run for 2,000 yards in his rookie season, those same band waggoners blame Al for making a terrible pick.

 I say that Al Davis is a genius, and I want him to continue doing what he does best.