Packers vs. Seahawks: Wisconsin Senator Tweets Roger Goodell's Phone Number

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Packers vs. Seahawks: Wisconsin Senator Tweets Roger Goodell's Phone Number
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Jon Erpenbach, a Wisconsin State Senator, is—like many of his constituents—outraged at the result of the Green Bay Packers vs. Seattle Seahawks Monday Night Football game, which ended on a called and confirmed touchdown that really never was.

After the game, Erpenbach decided to express his disbelief and blow off some steam via Twitter, as many of his fellow Americans did.

What makes the Middleton, Wis.-born legislator’s Twitter rant stand out is the fact that he published NFL commissioner Roger Goodell’s office phone number.

Erpenbach’s Twitter biography clearly states that he believes in fighting for fairness, and he is taking his crusade right to the top.

The senator obviously believes that the replacement referees hired by the league made the wrong call at the end of Monday night’s contest, and he’s not going to be silent about it.

He called on his followers to ring Goodell at (212) 450-2000 and let the commissioner know how they felt after seeing an embarrassing display of officiating decide the outcome of a nationally televised game.

After two more similar messages, Erpenbach then called on his followers to tweet at @nflcommish, Goodell’s verified Twitter handle.

While it’s doubtful that Goodell is answering what we can only assume to be a massive amount of disappointed Packers fans’ calls, the fact that his phone will be ringing off the hook and likely no longer usable should help make one message clear:

The league must end its labor dispute with the locked-out officials.

These injustices committed by scab referees can no longer continue to take place, especially now that they have taken center stage, impacted the results of a game and caused one of the most massive public outcries in the history of professional sports.

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If it takes ridiculous measures like senators from Midwestern states tweeting out phone numbers to make something happen, so be it.

Any action that even remotely pushes Commissioner Goodell and his cronies in the league office to end this farce of a lockout is a noble one.

We can only hope a caller will be able to get through to the Commissioner and talk some sense into him. 

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