New York Giants Are Not Going After Big Time Receivers: Their Man Is in House

Kyle LanganAnalyst IMarch 5, 2009

Since the end of the 2009 season, the rumors regarding the Giants' interest in certain big time receivers have been simply false.

All of those rumors are generated by the media and fans. The Giants have yet to even bring in an offensive player for a visit this off-season and there is a reason for that.

The New York Giants are comfortable with the receivers on their roster right now. In the words of Jerry Reese, "We have good players at that position. Who knows who's going to step out of the shadows and be the guy? Again, we'll continue to try to upgrade that spot, but we have good players at the position right now and we can go into the fall with these guys. But we're definitely going to try to continue to upgrade that position."

Now, Jerry Reese is committed to upgrading each and every position regardless of who the Giants currently have there (see defensive line). Either way, Reese doesn't seem to be in a rush to land a big time receiver by any means.

When acquiring new players, teams must understand the ramifications in terms of salary cap and possibly giving up draft picks.

Anquan Boldin and Braylon Edwards would simply cost too much in terms of a contract as well as draft picks. Boldin is upset with the Cardinals organization because he is not making 10 million or more per year, and would likely cost more than just a first round selection. There is a reason that perennially good teams don't spend wildly on the free agent market.

Putting so much pressure against the salary cap for years to come may compromise a teams ability to extend the contracts of good players they have, as well as working out rookie contracts.

As proof of such, the Dallas Cowboys (some of the biggest spenders in free agency each year) have been quiet this year, while they absorb the losses of Chris Canty, Roy Williams, Terrell Owens, and Anthony Henry.

While some of these players' contracts expired and others were cut, Dallas simply could not afford to pay many of these players without endangering their ability to extend superstar DeMarcus Ware.

He will be looking for a contract similar to Albert Haynesworth's in the coming year, and Dallas simply cant afford to do so with the way they have spent in free agency in recent years.

The Giants have their core players in place and intend to continue to build through the draft. With that in mind, it would be unwise to give up any picks or significant amount of money in an effort to bring in a veteran receiver the likes of Boldin or Edwards, regardless of what fans think they can bring to the table.

The reality is, there are a lot of financial and football related ramifications to bringing in such players, and the Giants simply wont do it. 

Drafting a receiver may not be a priority of Reese's either, as rookie receivers typically do not see a lot of success. For example, Plaxico Burress only had 273 yards on 22 receptions.

But that isn't the main reason the Giants may not be looking to draft a receiver. More specifically, the Giants have invested an early draft pick in a receiver the past three years (Sinorice Moss, Steve Smith, Mario Manningham) and drafting another one would only bring another unproven receiver into the fray.

There is a lot of talent at the end of the first round this year for Giants to pick up, and receiver is not exactly at the top of that list.

So, in the words of Jerry Reese, "We can go into the fall with these guys."

If the Giants planned on persuing a receiver, they already would have. If he didnt believe in the guys The Giants have on the roster, Reese would not have drafted them.