NFL Analyst Warren Sapp and Bears' Brandon Marshall Embroiled in Football Feud

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterSeptember 24, 2012

GREEN BAY, WI - SEPTEMBER 13: Brandon Marshall #15 of the Chicago Bears sits on the bench near the end of a game against the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field on September 13, 2012 in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The Packers defeated the Bears 23-10. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Warren Sapp and Brandon Marshall are traipsing toward quite the football fracas. 

It seems the former defensive tackle, who now serves as an analyst for the NFL Network, is interested in putting his career in jeopardy, which is exactly what could happen as news of his feud with Chicago Bears receiver Marshall continues to surface. 

ESPN reports Sapp said something quite unsavory about Marshall, which resulted in Marshall recording a verbal attack toward Sapp via YouTube.

Allegedly, Sapp is now looking for a fist fight with the receiver. 

On Friday, Sapp took to the Dan Patrick Show to discuss Marshall and comments Marshall made about Sterling Sharpe. As ESPN notes, Sapp was actually referring to Shannon Sharpe's brother in the quote below.

These kids that play the game today have no relevance for the past, have no conscious of what it is ... I mean Brandon Marshall talking about Shannon Sharpe ... 'Who is he to talk?' He's the first 100-catch receiver (tight end) back to back, retard. What you just did in Denver for three years. You don't know this? Of course he doesn't because it's not about Brandon Marshall. It ain't about the past, it's about me because it's about personal success, pay me and now I'll think about being a team guy.

Following the controversial interview, Marshall, who is no stranger to controversy, decided to record his very personal response to Sapp.

Here is a video and some of what he had to say, transcription via ESPN

I got a really disturbing heads-up on something Warren Sapp said, called me retarded. That's really disappointing to hear that from an NFL legend...When I look at Warren Sapp, I can't go to him and talk about finances because he filed for bankruptcy. I can't go to him and talk about my marriage because he filed for divorce. I can't go to him and talk about being a father because one day I'm going to have children because he's not active in his children's life.

...There's more to life than just playing football, so make sure that you have a great balance in your life, surround yourself with good people, and guys like Warren Sapp I feel sorry for. Hopefully one day he will change his life, we'll pray for him, and instead of using words to destroy he may use words to uplift...

In the span of a few moments, Marshall managed to pick out some of the most sensitive moments in Sapp's life. 

If you thought Sapp, whose job is being the face of the NFL Network to many, would receive this criticism in a mature manner, think again. 

According to Marshall, Sapp took the feud to a whole new level. Here is what Marshall tweeted on Monday.

So @warrensapp just emailed where and when. I assume he wants to fight. Exactly what I'm talking about. #comeonmannn

— Brandon Marshall (@BMarshall) September 24, 2012

With that, you have two grown men, getting paid mounds of cash to represent the league and network respectively, choosing to settle their differences like a couple of kids who plan a fight at recess. 

While there was no need for Marshall to get personal, Sapp has no excuse to call out a player with a word that has been obsolete for quite some time.

As an analyst who uses his words to debate and form an opinion on the sport, there is no reason to use the word "retard."

After that, there is absolutely no excuse for trying to pick a physical altercation, if that is indeed what he did.  For me, that just about wraps up Sapp's roller-coaster career at the network.

From him alleging Jeremy Shockey was the Saints bountygate snitch to immaturely handling himself while dealing with a current player in the media, it's time for a change. 

Any time Sapp opens his mouth, more harm than good comes streaming out of it. Do we really need him to continue being paid to do it? 


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