Alex Rodriguez's Drama Continues with Hip Surgery

Bobby BrennanContributor IMarch 5, 2009

It's Tuesday, Mar. 5, 2009, and A-Rod sits in his luxurious apartment with his head down in shame. He has been through hell and back.

Throughout the offseason, the memories of the playoff losses and expert talk of A-Rod not having what it takes to lead the Yankees to the World Series have loomed in his head. This would be the year to redeem himself—carrying the Yankees to a World Series Championship. But these hopes were crushed immediately.

It started with the steroid report. The report that would put an asterisk mark on the next Home Run King's record. The report that A-Rod failed the survey steroid test threw Yankees fans—already annoyed at him for the drama he causes and the young fans who idolize him—into an outrage.

In an attempt to save his reputation, he held a press conference where he admitted using steroids and saying that he was young and stupid.

A typical excuse.

But in my opinion, a player of that level of talent doesn't make mistakes like that. A-Rod, arguably the greatest player of our generation, has become just another baseball hero to have his dark side revealed.

Perhaps the only way to push the angry press off of his back is to have an amazing season. Playing clean baseball and not running into any other problems regarding any blond strippers or Madonna affairs could prove to his fans that he is dedicated and is trying hard to regain the trust of his fans.

But once again, his chances of redemption were once again crushed.

Today ESPN reported that A-Rod will be having surgery to remove a cyst in his hip. He is going to miss 10 weeks, creating huge problems for the New York Yankees who are now in a desperate search for an opening day third baseman.

Cashman is looking internally for an option, but Bobby Crosby of the Oakland A's is also being looked at.