Kansas City Chiefs' Draft Preview

Adam SteevesCorrespondent IMarch 5, 2009

This is the 77,038th article written about the upcoming draft and none of them are right. They are creative speculation, which is exactly what this is. I hope you enjoy.

The Chiefs have some many holes that Swiss cheese takes a back seat to them. It would be easier list the positions that they don't need help. What they need to focus on is this. Draft the best player available and the team will be better.

This year will start off the same as last year's draft. The Chiefs will draft the best player available in the draft. PERIOD.

With the third selection in the NFL Draft, the Chiefs select, Aaron Curry from Wake Forest. At 6'2", 254lbs, this beast will blow away tight ends and fly by the offensive line with his 4.6 speed.

And yes I said for the second year in a row. Glenn Dorsey will be a stud!! Wait and See!

The Chiefs currently do not have a second-round pick, but they will. Larry Johnson will be traded for a late second-round pick. Two choices that should be available at the 45th pick are Max Unger or Eric Woods. Unger (6'4",306) played at Oregon and Woods (6'4"-315) played at Louisville.

Both are huge offensive linemen with plenty of college playing experience. Either would fit well into a line that must protect Cassell in order for the Chiefs to be successful.

I would love to see Chase Coffman available at the Chiefs third round pick, but I highly doubt it. That being said, I will pick the best player available. Two that should be waiting for a team are Offensive Tackle, Troy Kropog (6'6", 298) from Tulane or Nose Tackle Chris Baker (6'2", 300) from Hampton.

From this point on is where Pioli and Haley are going to earn their money. Piloi's reputation is in evaluating talent. Find the diamond in the rough. Two that are still on my board are FS Sherrod Martin from Tulane or DT Alex Magee from Purdue.

One sleeper I will mention is the backup quarterback from Missouri. Chase Patton has great career stat. In four years at Missouri, he has thrown for 256 yards and one touchdown. Yeah, I know! This kid is 6'5"-220, and he throws the ball like Brett Favre. One to watch! Our diamond in the Rough!

Like Swiss cheese, the Chiefs have many holes, and through this draft they have the opportunity to fill a lot of those holes. Champions are built from the ground up, not solely through free agent signings, so if the Chiefs want to be successful, it must start with the draft.

The 77,038th speculation draft preview, one for every seat at Arrowhead. Seats that are going to be filled with fans excited about the prospects of a new season and new faces. We won't go undefeated, but we are already better!

And remember: Draft the best player available and your team will be better.