MLB Rookie Hazing Hits Miami Marlins and Atlanta Braves, Be Afraid

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MLB Rookie Hazing Hits Miami Marlins and Atlanta Braves, Be Afraid
Photo Credit: Larry Brown Sports

Rookie hazing can be quite the beautiful disaster. 

Two more MLB teams unveiled what they did to a few rookies, and it was a complete mess.

Granted, this mess is a necessary and hilarious one to pass onto the next wave of baseball professionals as a reminder of the trials and tribulations that all have to suffer through. 

First up are the Miami Marlins, who dressed up by dressing down. 

The vets mandated that the rookies take on some patriotism and look like the U.S. men's water polo team. The horror. 

Photo Credit: Larry Brown Sports

The picture posted over at Larry Brown Sports shows the Marlins' youth movement as they frolic along the streets of Manhattan. 

It wasn't enough for them to go out into public—they had to do it in the most visible square in the world, Times Square. 

Photo Credit: Larry Brown Sports

The only problem with dressing in nothing but a Speedo in the middle of Times Square is that nobody notices. 

Keeping things in the National League, the Atlanta Braves unveiled what they had in store for their rookies. 

Larry Brown Sports spots a tweet from Peter Moylan showing off the Braves' rookies in what seems to be a theme based on silly costumes.

Photo Credit: Peter Moylan Twitter

That's pretty much it, a criteria based on looking foolish. 

I can get behind such things, but not when a future Hall of Fame player in Chipper Jones joins in with the fun. 

It's not hazing if a franchise player dresses up as well. Come on, Chipper. You know better. 

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