Jackie Robinson: '42' Trailer Promises Movie Worthy of Dodger's Legendary Story

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterSeptember 21, 2012

Finally—Jackie Robinson will get his story made into a film. 

A perfect story that every baseball fan knows will finally hit the big screen with a great deal of grit, hip-hop appeal and tremendous acting, it seems. 

Sure, we have The Jackie Robinson Story, a movie in which the Dodgers Hall of Famer played himself.

We even have Soul of the Game, an HBO made-for-television movie about the Negro Leagues and their biggest stars.

However, if Hollywood can repackage movies like Judge Dredd and Total Recall, they can certainly re-tell one of the greatest stories in sports history. 

Tell me you don't come away from watching this trailer without a couple of strong feelings.

I got chills everywhere. That's what happens when you come across things this amazing. 

I also felt an overwhelming wave of anticipation, which quickly dissolved into disappointment when I found out we have to wait until April 2013 to watch the entire movie. 

While you can't take a great deal from trailers, we are wholly optimistic with the casting of Harrison Ford as Branch Rickey. 

Indiana Jones looks like he went a long way to change his demeanor to capture the essence of the man who brought Robinson into the Major Leagues. 

We also love what we see from Chadwick Boseman in the title role, playing Robinson as fierce but reserved. 

Jay-Z brings the trailer to another level.

This teaser is destined to be watched a few times more before we finally buy our tickets next April, and wait with a smile in our seats for a movie we have been waiting for forever. 

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