NY Jets' Tim Tebow Takes Shirt off for Vogue Photoshoot

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterSeptember 20, 2012

Photo Credit: Vogue
Photo Credit: Vogue

Tim Tebow is back. 

He isn't throwing spirals, winning games on his own or even taking the top spot in the Jets' depth chart. He is back to modeling with his shirt off. 

Tebowmaniacs have to take what they can get, I guess. 

Here is a link to a phenomenal video featuring Tebow getting photographed throwing a football, moving a giant tire and taking his shirt off, all for the October issue of Vogue

And with that, we have another chapter written in the book about a famous football player who does little of playing actual football. 

The backup quarterback continues to live life with fame usually reserved for guys that actually play heavy minutes. 

Instead, we have ourselves a picture-perfect celebrity who also happens to be employed by a professional sports team. 

There is nothing wrong with that. I mean, the guy makes a pretty dynamic photo spread. Look at him move that tire!

Through two games, he is yet to throw a pass and has rushed only six times for 33 yards. Hardly the makings of a Canton-bound Hall of Famer. 

Still, we have this October issue that will be saturated with the Manhattan Messiah and thoughts like this, via still from Terez Owens

But that's not all. There is rampant talk of Tim Tebow maybe one day, possibly, perhaps running for political office

And then this L.A. Times article that asks the question of whether Tebow is the sports equivalent of Kim Kardashian. 

It's ridiculous, ludicrous and absolutely crazy. 

That's why they call it Tebowmania. 


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