Who Will Jacksonville Draft? Crabtree Or Percy?

Brett ConnollyContributor IMarch 3, 2009

What will the Jags do in the 2009 Draft? With our troubles on the O-line last year it's a pretty safe bet that they will draft a tackle, right?

If Jacksonville is on the clock and Micheal Crabtree is sitting there it will be hard to pass up. Chances are he won't be there, so look for them to select a guy like Eugene Monroe, the OT out of Virginia, as he is good enough to be your starting left tackle the second he walks into training camp.

Andre Smith will be there at 8, but this kid has more issues than Vince Young; and he's not even in the League yet! The Jags aren't that kind of team and they won't draft Smith with this pick.

If Crabtree and Monroe are gone look for the Jaguars to take Michael Oher, the left tackle out of Mississippi. I think he would be a better right tackle, but I'll leave that up to the coaches. 

As a Jaguar fan myself, if you couldn't tell, and a die-hard Gator Fan, I would love to see Percy Harvin put on the black and teal. I'm sure most would agree that Percy was one of the most explosive players in college last year, and i don't see the NFL slowing him down.

He would fit great in Jacksonville, his speed is something we lack, and his pure skill at every wide-out postion is something we need. If the Jags can trade out of the 8th pick, and take Percy late, that would make Wayne's cheap-butt happy. It would also make a lot of Jaguar fans happy.  

I still think if Crabtree is there you take him, but if we can slide down, and go after Percy, I say do it!

We can get an OT in later rounds. In round two a kid named Jamon Meredith out of South Carolina will be there. He's a solid tackle with a lot of upside.

Round three: Look for the Jags to get some depth at linebacker and take a guy like Marcus Freeman out of Ohio State, or Cody Brown out of Connecticut.

Round four: As much as we all love MoJo, do we seriously think he can carry the rock 25 or even 20 times a game? Look for the jags to go after a guy like Javon Ringer from Michigan St. to take the load off Jones-Drew.

Look for Greg Jones to get some carries this year. He could carry the ball in college and I think he could become a good back in this league.

As for rounds five through seven, we just need to fill our needs like any team and hope to find a steal.

Jacksonville projected 2009 Record: 10-6, with two playoff wins...I hope!!!